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Monday, September 15, 2014

Grade 7/8 Points System Note is here:    Note Home – September 2014 (Points System)
Grade 7/8 September Parent Note is here:  Note Home 2014-09-15 First Letter Home
(if you would like a paper copy of either of these notes, please email me)


Students are expected to fill in their agenda every day before dismissal. They are to fill in every item that is on the board and √ the items that they have already completed. I will initial the agenda before they leave. I will not be checking to ensure that they have all of their textbooks, notebooks or other resources since this is a responsibility that students should be able to attend to at this level.

Once they have completed their homework, please discuss their assignments with them and then initial or sign the agenda. Please do not sign the agenda without speaking to your child and looking over their completed assignments. If you need to communicate with me regarding an assignment or other concern, please feel free to write me a note in the agenda.

Effective use of the agenda is the student’s responsibility. I will ensure that I put all assignments and due dates on the blackboard. I will also view agendas each morning for parent notes and concerns. The student is responsible for filling out the information, compiling homework, getting a parent’s signature and handing the agenda in every morning.

The following list is the required school supplies for Grade Seven for this school year. Please ensure that your child has these supplies throughout the school year.
• Markers (thick tip)
• Pencil crayons – sharpened
• Pencil case
• Pencils
• Erasers
• Protractor and compass
• Calculator (used daily, does not need to be scientific)
• Binder (with zipper)
• Pens – red and blue
• Graph paper
• Looseleaf
• Duotangs (5)
• 1 large glue stick per term
• 1 box of Kleenex (these will be shared throughout the year)

Please remind your child that school supplies should not be destroyed or given away. It is important that they are always prepared for their academics by having the appropriate tools for writing, measuring, etc. Class time is often wasted as students attempt to borrow supplies that they should have within their desk.

All students have been issued textbooks for this school year. I have recorded the number out of each textbook and your child has recorded their textbook numbers in their agenda. Each text will need to be returned at the end of the school year. Students will be required to pay for textbooks that are lost or significantly damaged. This can be quite costly as some texts cost over $50.00 to replace.

As many of you know, the Golden Learning Centre travels to Alberta every second year with the intermediate students. The fundraising for this trip will start soon and continue throughout this school year as the trip will occur in June 2012. We have many fundraisers planned for this year (seafood orders, sausage orders, bingo, car wash and talent show). If you are interested in helping out with these, please write me a note or call me as soon as possible. Thank you for considering this!

All students are expected to be dressed properly for the weather throughout the year. Going outside and playing a game or visiting with friends helps students to be more refreshed for their learning. Please ensure that your child has the needed clothing for the upcoming cold weather. Students will not be allowed to stay inside unless the principal has deemed the weather to be too cold for their safety. Students are not permitted to have any food or liquid on the playground during recess.

We have gym every Day 1, 2 and 5. On Day 5 we do not have an allotted time in the gymnasium so these gym periods will occur outside. Please send deodorant (avoid sprays so that respiratory ailments are not aggravated) and a change of clothes with your child on those days. Please also ensure that your child’s indoor shoes are non-marking. Gym is always fairly vigorous so it is very important that students change each time.

Students in grade seven are expected to complete all regular assignments and to complete them to the best of their ability. In the core subjects, marks between 70% and 100% are within the expectations of the grade level. Please see the school Assessment and Evaluation Policy for more information.

Working cooperatively with parents ensures that students are kept on track and focused on their academics. I am happy to hear from parents regarding student assignments and behaviors. Please call me or email me and I will ensure that we work together so your child has a wonderful school year. My email is This year I will continue to use the Teacher’s Partner Communication forms. Each child has a Communication Duotang which will be sent home periodically with assessment and behavior information. I am hoping to send these home or email them once a week throughout the school year. Please complete the email form at the bottom of this note so that I can communicate with you by email throughout the year.

It is expected that grade seven students will extend their learning outside of the classroom. One major component of this is homework. Students can expect 30 to 60 minutes of homework three to five times per week. Lack of on-task time during school hours will increase these times. Students should prioritize their work and complete all homework in a quiet area of the house. I do not mind if students call me at home for assistance with their homework. This will ensure that all work is completed for the next school day. Students will not be allowed to come into the school and work on incomplete homework in the morning unless they have made arrangements by phone. There is often insufficient time for completing of homework and many interruptions in the mornings, so it is necessary to make this the exception rather than the rule.

Also, it is very important that students bring all of their homework back to school each day. Although the timetable is followed throughout the week, there are often times when we have some extra time to work on projects, weekly spelling or ongoing assignments. Also, all books should be at school so that your child is prepared for times when they have completed their work early and have a few minutes to devote to another subject.

In preparation for the demands of high school assignments, it is expected that students will have computer access either at home or at the public library. If you have a home computer, please ensure that you have ink for printing assignments. In the event of computer glitches, please feel free to email the documents to me for printing (in black and white). At this age level, it is understood that assignments, when applicable, will be typed and printed for their due dates. Special consideration will be given to students who do not have a home computer (for example: after school use of the computer lab when supervision is available).

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