Branding my Learning Space (and Unsubscribing)

Earlier this Fall I spent some time making my new location (an office!) a bit more “me”.  It’s still missing some things (like say….25 students!) but it’s starting to look and feel like it should, like a classroom!

I started with the essentials – organizing my book shelf, tidying my desk and organizing table and chairs. Once that was done (10 minutes!), I started thinking about what I needed for my thinking space.  Since I started my teaching career in 1996, I’ve always had the space that surrounds me represent my day to day work.  Adding a couple of plants and some paint certainly wasn’t going to do that here!

With some creativity and patience, I’ve laid the foundations of my new work-home.  The learning goal is show-cased (like it would be in my classroom), the priorities are highlighted (like they were in my classroom) and there’s space for representing my thinking (like there was in my classroom).  It’s a just-right start to getting my space organized.

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With my physical space taken care of, I’ve dug in to the vast amount of learning I’m needing to do to catch up with my 21C team and the dedicated educators across KPDSB.  There’s been a lot of Ministry-article and KP-document reading, some conferencing with my supervisor and many many emails (aurgh! the emails!).

So, here I am (November 21st already!) and thoughts of how to organize my thinking and share my learning have led me back to my blog!  I’m looking forward to making some time to think out loud and share both my learning and the work of my colleagues.  It’s always been one of my favorite spots to reflect on my work as an Ontario educator!  If you’re a follower of this blog through my classroom practices (as a student or parent), you may want to unsubscribe.  To do so, just “Unsubscribe” on the link below.  If you’re staying or new to the blog, “WELCOME! I’m glad you’re here!”

Signing off to read and clean emails…. (sigh!).

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