Time for a Nap or Two

Day 10. 
I hit a wall today (figuratively not literally, although who knows – I totally could run right into a wall and not realize it, I’m LITERALLY SO TIRED!).  

Waking up at my parents farm, I knew that I needed some sleep (badly) and that I would have to get some on the bus this afternoon. I’d worry about setting a bad example for the kids (seeing as we have a rule about not napping) but they’re mostly asleep whenever we get on the bus, so I don’t think it really matters!
Not sure why they needed to sleep so much today as they all slept in at the farm. I couldn’t believe that they would be able to have such a good sleep in their “spots” but they all claim they have…..(if they’re texting you and saying it was AWFUL, I don’t even want to know, cuz IGNORANCE IS BLISS and also IGNORANCE is not having to deal with it!!).

Our bus driving team told us that the kids are “so wonderful” this morning (which clearly indicates to me that they ARE NOT FIT TO DRIVE!). 🙂 They have noticed how many of them are very helpful and polite. This morning, they went to load the suitcases on to the bus as the mechanic finished up. They selected a few random kids to help (which they did) and then a few more gave a helping hand as well. I’d love to tell you that they’re going to be as HELPFUL and COURTEOUS upon their home arrival, but I’m pretty sure it’s all Ms. From’s and my influence (so you’re out of luck, sorry about that!).

From the farm (where apparently my mom makes the “best cinnamon buns I’ve ever had” and “your dad let me drive the tractor even though I’ve never it done it before’) we were quickly enroute to Regina. Our arrival at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum was met with dismal news – there was a live snake exhibit and it was feeding time! You’d think I’d have more of a stomach for this seeing as I did HUNT rattlesnakes with my older cousins when I was kid (that’s why I’m so tough, you see!)….Even given that experience, I wasn’t too into it.  

Many of your kids were though, which makes me even more sure that I’ve profiled them accurately when I take on a defensive stance whenever they approach me! They watched in GLEE as the little mouse babies were consumed by the snake (so gross, I’m just saying!) and then as the mouse moved through the snakes body. The detail they used to describe this would have certainly come in valuable during their Literacy lessons in the past year!  

We shortened our museum visit from 90 to 60 minutes to make up a bit of time and the kids were on the bus soon after the one hour mark. Except THAT ONE KID. Poor Aubrey got left behind because she was “so into” the exhibits and was reading loads of information and learning lots of stuff. Which endeared her to me A LOT because it was all about Saskatchewan and she’s usually running late because she’s doing her hair and makeup, THEREFORE I knew that this Saskatchewan information was REALLY, REALLY important to her!

Departing from Regina, it was a sleep for me (after threatening SUMMER SCHOOL to any kid who woke me up!). They took this pretty seriously, most of them went to sleep themselves just to ensure they didn’t end up waking me. At one point, I think the saying, “Don’t wake the sleeping bear…” was tearfully whispered between a couple kids….

After the Royal Saskatchewan Museum (which I totally recommend to anyone travelling through Regina) we were back on the highway and heading East. I asked a few students if they liked the life-size dioramas or the miniature diaromas more? They were divided mostly, but some asked, “what’s a diorama? I only made it to the gift shop….” (sigh).

Our arrival in Brandon was a bit later than usual so we went straight to supper (Montana’s!) and planned for a late check-in. Supper on the last evening has been a tradition for years (with kids typically dressing up in their fanciest clothes, doing their hair, wearing perfume/cologne and then still acting like they’re on the playground!). We called it the “un-fancy” supper because most of them didn’t shower at the farm this morning (don’t worry…I did!) and many of them look carazy after sleeping on the bus most of the day!

The staff were great though and didn’t mind at all that we brought them 29 ravenous, unkempt, stinky kids! They were more than happy to accommodate their meal requests (Allyssa, “Mac and Cheese with no bacon please.” – Ok. What? Me, “Just throw that bacon on whatever I order!”). Some shared meals because it was “have a dessert if you want to….” The staff expressed some surprise at our travel itinerary and commended us on lasting this long (it’s amazing what existing on adrenaline can accomplish).  

From there, we had our LAST HOTEL CHECK-IN! (Woot!). In other news, they’ve also finally learned to enter quietly, stay in their rooms and converse so other rooms don’t hear you. If we’ve accomplished nothing else this trip, it will all have been worth it!  

It was midnight as they fell asleep (some are “staying up all night but don’t tell Mrs. Parrish… (ummmm, I’m right behind you!)) and not long after when I was tucked in as well (with zero intentions of staying awake even a millisecond longer than I had to….).  
We’re bringing your kids back to you tomorrow (that’s a threat OR a promise, depending on which kids we’re talking about!). Good night! 🙂

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