Voice Recorder App, Feedback and Speeches

Blog - Voice Recorder I’m loving the newest app we recently downloaded from the Chrome Web Store! This easy-to-use microphone has been a great tool in our oral language focus as we prepare for GLC’s annual public speaking event.  I’m definitely giving it a “two thumbs up” and I think my students would as well (if they were at all ‘into’ giving educational apps a rating, which of course they aren’t!).

We started using it a couple of weeks ago – back when we were in the brainstorming and planning stage for speeches.  Our first use was “play” (new apps always involves play at first so proficiency is established before I need it for instruction).  Once that was out of the way, students viewed their peers’ speech brainstorm and planning sheets.  While viewing these, each student gave audio feedback to their friends.  Once done, they emailed the files to their peers and then moved on to another one.  Everything went just as I had hoped – with great feedback and encouragement given to each other.  For help (and differentiation) we had a few sentence starters on chart paper too!

On Tuesday, I used the app to leave instructions for my students while I was away.  I asked them for feedback upon my return and one of them replied, “it was good to hear what to do from you because you knew some of the things we would ask about”.  That same day, they used the app to record their own speeches and then edited while they listened to their audio.

Tomorrow, students will use the app again to record their speech.  Once done, they will collaborate with a friend (another opportunity for feedback!) .  While listening to the recording, pairs of students will conference and refer to a “Speech Listen-Fors” guideline. I’ll be available to the whole group as needed, but also more available to those who need one-to-one conferencing with me.

I took some video of the first lesson, or should I say, “I took some shaky, amateurish video of the first lesson….”.  My apologies, my camera work isn’t top-notch.



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