Thinking about Innovation

In response to the OSSEMOOC question, “what does innovation mean to you?” I’m posting a photo of last year’s early winter skate with my family.

Innovation (for me anyway) has equal doses of both safety net and risk. The “safety” is my PFD (my life jacket). It’s what I already know and understand (ie: about instruction, student learning needs, my strengths, available resources etc). The “risk” is all the new learning. It’s the unknown territory, the unmapped land, the thin ice and open water! It’s the questions I’ll ask, the technology we’ll use and the “aha” moments my students will have!

I like safety – it’s a good fit with my personality. But I can’t live without risk – it feeds my teaching (and winter skating) soul.

When I look back on my classroom work and consider my “innovative-ness”, I think it will be like this photo – a bit of “safety” and a bit of “risk”.  Which makes it a-just-right-for-me-combination!


PS 1 – we were really safe in this photo!

PS 2 – they lost the puck in the open water when Ron shot it too hard

PS 3 – my coffee mug lid then became their puck (I was a total hero in their eyes for this suggestion!).

PS 4 – don’t show this blog post and photo to my mom

PS 5 – I know “innovative-ness” isn’t a word, but I’m risky like that! 🙂

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