The need to edit (TWICE)!

Blog - ApologyAurgh!  My apologies for my last blog post arriving in your inbox without my final edits being done.  Sooooo frustrating!

In “lesson learned” and “lesson shared”, I knew I had two more things to do before posting.  Both of them were waiting on Ron’s arrival at the school to drop off my phone (which had the pics on it) and my book (which had the story of Lisa Jones’ learning in it).

Once he dropped off both items, I thought (in typical Michelle-style), “I’ll quickly get that blog post done” and proceeded to ONLY add the photos.  I totally forgot about referencing the book to double check and quote what I had read.

Seconds after it arrived in my inbox, I saw my GLARING, OBVIOUS, RECOGNIZABLE, UNMISTAKABLE, NOTICABLE, VISIBLE error!  Aurgh, that just annoyed me so much.

I thought (with much distress), “well, I can’t do anything now” and continued marking work.  But, while half-heartedly assessing the student work (I was mostly just sulking!), I realized I needed to “own up”!

So, lesson learned (always edit TWICE) and lesson shared (blog about it!), here’s to making mistakes and learning from them.

I’m now about a 1/4 of the way in my journey of dealing with this lack of editing!  🙂 Sigh.



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