Hour of Code and Keen Grade 6s

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The world’s next great CODERS are trained and ready to go! They’ve got their java script, C++, CSS and HTML languages packed, and some are already fielding calls from potential employers! 🙂

…well, maybe not quite ready for the coding field and maybe NOT QUITE ready to move away from home to pursue the fame of coding for governments, social media giants and gaming companies – BUT I definitely saw some potential future coders in my classroom yesterday! And let me tell you, they will be a force to be reckoned with!

These future coders were actually on loan to me from Ms. From who took my students curling. With a heads up that they’re a pretty keen bunch, I thought I might have them participate in the “Hour of Code”. As many of you know, Hour of Code occurs each December and involves students and adults from all over the world. In fact, over 100 million hours of coding has occurred since this initiative began! Isn’t that amazing?

Immediately upon their arrival, the Grade 6s showed a keen interest in the activity and it wasn’t long before they got started, began helping one another, AND discussing coding patterns and language with their peers. That alone was great, but then today I found out that they returned to class this morning and promptly began teaching their Grade 7 counterparts. (GLEE!)

So, thanks so much to the Grade 6s for a great hour of coding and a huge thank you to the innovative coders and financial supporters who have made Hour of Code accessible to kids around the world! We really appreciate it!

Hour of Code learning opportunities are here.
Hour of Code on Twitter is here.
Watch the 2015 Hour of Code video here.


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