Hunger Games Learning

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Last month, the 7/8s completed their Hunger Games novel study with a HUGE final project. Actually, three final projects! With some options of how they wanted to present their knowledge, each student completed a summary, news article and character trait study. Once this work was completed, they shared their learning with other students (the 3/4s, 4/5s and 6/7s). I took a few photos of their sharing and have put them in a slideshow for you to have a peak into the classroom. Also, if you’d like to take a closer look at their work, you can check out their blogs which have 3 pages specifically dedicated to their three assignments. They’ve taken some close-up photos and included a lot of extra information that you can’t catch through my slideshow. Check them out here by following these links – Literacy/Hunger Games/Summative Portfolio/”item”.

Grade 7 Blogs – Seth  Sabrina  Taylor  Connor  Lukas  Landon  Jinelle  Kayli  Dominick  Riley  James  Jakob  Will

Grade 8 Blogs – Trisha  Bradford  Shayne  Sidney  Aubrey  Kurtis  Kristy  Matthew  Ruby  Jade


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