Silent Films (and the fun they are!)

We’ve had a great time in drama these last few weeks (side-splitting fun, to be truthful!) and I just knew you’d enjoy it as much as we have if you could take a look!

After watching this class (and their antics) throughout the last year, I knew I’d have to up my drama ante upon their arrival this Fall (no small task, I assure you!).  After some online searching, I found this site with great units (paid, not free – but well worth it!).

We’re only halfway into the unit and we’ve already had so much fun with the concepts related to silent films (side-splitting fun as I’ve already mentioned). These students are really creative and their teamwork is amazing!  They encourage each other to participate and applaud all the efforts!  So great!

We’re midway through the unit now, they’ve just completed an assignment where they worked cooperatively to match actions to provided music.  I’m embedding their videos below so you’ll know just how much fun we’re having (side-splitting – in case you hadn’t got that yet!).  🙂


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