Our Grade 4 Teachers

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This week, the GLC staff doubled when the Grade 4s graduated from students to teachers! AND then, they even took on the hardest role in the whole school by becoming Grade 7/8 teachers! (teehee!)

Actually…the Grade 4s DID visit our classroom, they DID teach us (and they DID do an awesome job!), and my students DID love having them as teachers too! It was great to have them come and share something they’ve been working on in their class.

The 4s have been learning about coding and recently built a game designed to review multiplication facts. The 7/8s had a great time with the game and were suitably impressed with the Grade 4s coding skills. They were also a bit impressed with my multiplication speed – I was one of the only ones to beat the game (#shamelessplug). 🙂  After the Grade 4s left, a few students commented on the expertise shown by their ‘new’ teachers!

We’d like to thank the Grade 4s and Ms. Herbert for visiting our classroom and sharing their learning with us. To read more about their experience, check out Ms. Herbert’s classroom blog.


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