The Mathematicians Amongst Us

Blog - Kangaroo MathThis year I’ve been surrounded by mathematicians. From the students who whip through math homework just so they can discuss complex concepts from upcoming high school courses to the colleagues who discuss their math learning in the hallway to the articles left on the photocopier (was that on purpose?) – math (and its accompanying mathematicians) absolutely everywhere! I’m not complaining (ok, maybe a little!) because all of it (most of it!) has been really interesting and intriguing, and typically pretty delightful to be a part of.

To add to this, this weekend 12 students (3 from my class) will participate in the annual Canadian Kangaroo Math test. They’re excited (about math? about a test? about coming to school on a Sunday?). Last year, I might have said, “I don’t get it….” But now I do, I actually do get it and I do understand their love of math. I’m seeing their fascination and their wonder. I witness it when they write on my whiteboard (equations I barely remember from high school). I’m seeing it when one of them opens their math notebook (not supplied by me!) and when another chats Khan Academy with his friends. I’m seeing it when one debates math solutions with her former teacher and when others cross the room to chat solutions during math class. Really, it’s surrounding me!

Friday evening, I’ll be joining some friends to mentor these students in their test prep. I’d be lying if I didn’t note that I’m a bit intimidated. Check out the previous tests at this site and see how you fare – you’ll be amazed at how challenging the questions are.  I’m totally impressed with the parents and former-parents who are willing to mentor the test-takers (consider that a pre-thank you!).

The Kangaroo Math test is happening Sunday morning – and its extremely cool that it’s happening in Red Lake. If you check out the host locations running the test (at this site) most of them are major Canadian cities. And then there’s Red Lake area – this little community that offers more and more to its children. Pretty exciting.

Also, exciting – the two articles I was going to blog about tonight (but totally got off track!). They’re here and here if you want to pre-read in preparation for my next blog post! 🙂

Goodnight all!


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