This pi cost me nine dollars!

Blog - PiAurgh.  Today, my flippant habit of replying without thinking (and some students’ stellar memorization skills) has cost me nine dollars.  Maybe it was nine well-spent dollars, but it was still MY nine well-spent dollars.  (sigh….)

Here’s what happened. We’ve been exploring circles in the Grade 7/8 class and specifically looking for that Pi relationship.  Yesterday, after their work with radius, diameter and circumference, they were given 20+ minutes to “go ahead and explore pi online, tomorrow we’ll have a pi-off to learn from each other.”

I think it might have been Bradford, who said, “What if I memorize pi? Can I get something?”  To which I flippantly replied, “yeah, if you memorize 25 digits, I’ll buy you a chocolate milk.”

The room went quiet and students immediately ceased talking about their weekend, combing each other’s hair and discussing summer fishing plans.  (Just kidding, but it’s not like it couldn’t happen!).

Shepherd's pi.Students started checking out Pi online.  I heard Pi puns, “Come to the nerd side, we have Pi.” and Pi jokes, “What is the official animal of National Pi Day?  The Pi-thon!”.  Students were pulling up Pi images and Pi cartoons.  Some students researched the history of Pi and others were talking about the Guiness World Record for Pi memorization (which is crazy!).

I thought I’d heard the last of the potential Pi memorization challenge until they walked in this morning and promptly requested a math period.  I knew I was in trouble and my wallet would be opening.

After nine students bravely took on the first 25 digits of Pi (and over 50 digits for one of them!), I was nine dollars in the hole (the circumference of said hole can be calculated using Pi, in case you were wondering!).  In between these recitations, other students shared their knowledge from yesterday’s research time.

All in all, a good math learning time.  Except for the part where I’m nine dollars out.  🙂

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3 thoughts on “This pi cost me nine dollars!

  1. 🙂 I found out about your challenge in the hall from a group of students (carrying chocolate milk) – and yes, I did hear the first 50 numbers! Wow!

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