That’s really Crazy Hair!

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“Work comfortably within your artistic talent, but you MUST CHALLENGE yourself….”.

Those were the words I used to get the Grade 7/8s started on their art assignments. Not easy words. This kind of thinking requires me to really, really trust them. Will they challenge themselves or will they take the ‘easy’ road? Will they actually think about what they want to do with their art or just ‘get it done’?

I wasn’t sure, but I had to let them try. I wanted them to create, to express themselves and to feel success. If they came out of one of my art lessons accomplishing that, well…that would be something in and of itself!

A few minutes went by, then a question or two, a couple of quick conferences, some help with what direction to go…

And then these sketches emerged. And I loved every one of them. They totally represent each of the students who drew them. And even more important, the students LOVE their finished pieces. So awesome!



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