My Media Life

The Grade 7 and 8s were hilarious when they thought about their media life last month. Working with Ms. McIntyre (and from a lesson created by the great team at Common Sense Media), they discussed online social media and their personal experiences with it.

Here’s a look at their analogies…

My Media Life is like…
…Mars, it is not capable of containing life.
…going fishing and not catching anything.
…a healthy rainforest because I use it all the time.
…a book, because I always pick it up and put it down.
…peanut butter (its good but gets stuck).
…candy – it’s amazing!
…a drug, because it’s addictive.
…chocolate. It’s good but not if you have it too much!
…a mermaid, it doesn’t exist.
…hockey – never boring!
…singing – it’s really fun.
…a bear, noone wants to come close to it.
…fishing because it’s so awesome.
…Will Smith, it never gets old.
…fun, like eating (it’s ALWAYS fun!).
…the moon, it comes out at night.
…a jungle – full of life and always busy.
…a soccer ball, it gets the job done.
…a city because it’s busy.
…chocolate – addicting!

Do any of these comparisons resonate with you?

I hope you’re smiling like I was! 🙂




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