Day 9 – Some Selfies and a Whole Lotta Nothing Else

We have a problem. It’s a big problem actually. As in a really, REALLY huge problem!

The issue is this new phenomena called the “Selfie”. Now, MOST people think that the first selfie was taken right around the time the first camera phones were invented. They’re wrong. The first selfie was ACTUALLY taken in 1839 by an American pioneer in photography. I bet this pioneer, Robert Cornelius, never knew what was to come. It’s estimated that humans (those with cameras!) are going to take about 1 trillion pictures in 2014 – and that a good portion of those photos are going to be selfies.

Lucky us! Selfies for everyone, selfies for days. Or as we say on Instagram and Twitter, #selfies, #selfiesfordays, #selfiesunday, #nofilter….

So anyway, about those selfies….

You’ve probably seen your children taking selfies at the most inopportune times (#selfiesatsupper), or when you’re busy (#selfieswhenthebusinthedriveway) or when you really need to get ready (#bathroomselfies, #toiletinthebackgroundselfies, #juststraightenedmyhairselfies, and of course that must-have-each-day #bedheadselfies).

I get it. Kids love their selfies!

So that’s why I totally expected thousands and thousands of the kids’ photos to be selfies. What I didn’t expect was this:











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