Day 4 (Midnight) – They’ve Lost Everything, But Their Manners

It’s true. Almost everyone has lost or forgotten something. You name it, it’s been lost – from headphones to running shoes, to water bottles and chargers, EVERYTHING’S finding new homes! And you would think this would concern them. It doesn’t, well not a lot anyway. They’re concerned of course that forgetting or losing something might result in a consequence – like say, wearing the Waldo costume. But they’re definitely not overly concerned about the actual items they’re losing. That sounds more like, “whatever, my parents will buy me something new to replace that….”.


Soooo, here’s what’s been lost so far. Brianna, Hope, Payton and Hailey have lost their room key. In another room, Emily’s taking the fall for another lost room key. Ethan Y figures he’ll never see his bathing suit and towel again, “I still have a few more places to look….”, Potter also lost her bathing suit (no worries mom, she’s purchased another one – you can pay her back later), Berenice lost a receipt (rumour has it that this same receipt was lost TWICE!).

As you can see we’ve certainly got an issue!

Kai forgot his running shoes at the theatre (it bothers me that no one cared about that when they found out it was his old running shoes, and NOT the ones that were just purchased!), Shelby lost her earbuds (quote, with annoyance and indignance, “I blame the loss on the TICK SITUATION, Mrs. Parrish!”), Michael forgot his newly purchased gaming mouse and a pair of running shoes, Jake, Billy and Hailey K lost headphones (Jake also lost his water bottle), Sam lost her charger, (“Don’t tell my mom, k?”).

Emily ‘lost’ her toothbrush in the trash can (I didn’t have the heart to ask for details…), and Rosalynn lost her shoes. Nick forgot his wallet under a pillow and Jake left his camera on a table at the museum.


And don’t even get me started on what the chaperones have lost. Mr. Potter has APPARENTLY misplaced his “willingness to serve” (which I think was in his chaperone application letter) as there’s been no consistency to my morning coffee requests (ahemm, demands). I have very clearly stated the coffee expectations for this trip, both verbally and in writing:

1. medium, 3 milk;
2. by 6 am;
3. franchise only, no hotel coffee
4. delivered within 5 minutes of being poured).

I’m not sure what happened after Day 1, when he was all keen and “into this whole chaperoning thing”.

Mr. Parrish has pretty much lost his “will to survive”. Last night he fell asleep, propped up on his elbow, reading a blog post. Some worry on my part that he could have possibly fell asleep reading MY blog post (like, HOW could that EVER happen??), but don’t worry, it was one of your kids’ journal entries!

I’m thinking Ms. From may have lost her “sanity”. She’s gone totally off the course on this trip. Listen to this, yesterday, YESTERDAY, she had NO NAPS! I’m not kidding. Like, she didn’t even close her eyes once. (Well, there was that one point where she rested her chin on her purse in the middle of a crowded food court. We all held our breath and waited…… But she merely sighed and then continued to stare aimlessly off in the distance.)

No comment on anything with Mr. Amell because he TOTALLY came through for me with the TICK-INFESTED LAUNDRY, so I’m going to be nice to him (online only, not in person) for a few days!

Mrs. Liedtke is pretty hard to nail down. She’s pretty busy checking on kids, administering meds and reading journals. Her students are calling her “mamma bear” (which garnered an immediate comment by my group that I should be called “grizzly bear”) and she’s got pretty much everything under control. I’ll have to keep an eye on her, make sure she’s not becoming too likeable. That won’t work at all. Don’t worry, though, if she loses or forgets something, I’ll be all over that like a teenager at Hollister entrance.

Sooooo, where was I going with all this?…….

Oh yeah!

“They’ve lost everything, but their manners.” They truly have lost so many things that we can’t even keep track. Luck for them, they watch out for each other and one chaperone always check the area that we’re leaving. So for the most part, most things have been found and returned! BUT, why, exactly are they losing things…..

It’s because they’re busy being polite and wonderful and well-mannered and courteous!

Right from our first stop (Adrenaline Adventures) we’ve been getting compliments about this group of students. At Adrenaline Adventures, the owner asked me “what town are you from?”. After visiting for a bit, he complimented the students on their behaviour (several times) and then said to me, “You must have good things going on at that school to have such nice kids…” (I told him, “yes, we do what we can to reverse the parenting these kids have had!”). In Brandon, the hotel staff commented on their quiet entry and exit and as well on their movement around the hotel. One complaint was lodged about their breakfast manners (cleaning up) but I just told the attendant, “their parents clean up their breakfast dishes, so they’re not used to doing that for themselves”. At Paintball, we were told they were “great kids” and at a couple of restaurants, they were noted for being, “nice kids who seem like they have travelled a lot”. Many people ask us where we are travelling from and where we are headed. And almost always, they note that the students seem like a nice bunch of kids.

They do seem like a nice bunch of kids, don’t they?









One thought on “Day 4 (Midnight) – They’ve Lost Everything, But Their Manners

  1. Well, I see you haven’t lost your sense of humour! 🙂
    GLC students are always getting complimented for their good behaviour. It’s very nice to hear. What a super class!

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