Day 3 – Safeway Stop (aka This is What Kids Eat)

Only a rookie teacher ever asks their class what they want to do for gym class. 25 kids, 25 ideas. Nobody ever wants to do the same thing! It starts out good with kids calling out the usual selections, “basketball”, “dodgeball”, “floor hockey”, BUT when they sense a general consensus in the air, they immediately start shouting out random games! It will start with the odd favorites, “volleyball”, “tag” and “badminton”. All of a sudden, that ONE KID yells out, “Red Rover”. And that ONE KID sets of suggestion-bedlam! Immediately, they all start yelling out their choices! Now they’re yelling, “Hopscotch”, “Skipping”, “Whip It Ball”, “Four Square”. Some random kid is asking if she can do “Step Aerobics” and her friend rolls her eyes, puts her hands on her hips and says, “I want Yoga!”.

And then they all start becoming passionately attached to their particular choices. One kid is researching “games of undiscovered African tribes”! There’s yelling and screaming, kids trying to make eye contact with the teacher! And then all of a sudden she’s in tears and says, “let’s just go outside and play “Capture The Flag””!

And then there’s a COUP and that first year teacher is just days away from moving into her parents house, and even that much closer to researching, “careers that don’t involve children”. Like I said, only a rookie teacher would make that mistake.

And yet, it seems like that might be exactly what happened when we took your children to Safeway!

Enjoy the photos!



















4 thoughts on “Day 3 – Safeway Stop (aka This is What Kids Eat)

  1. Dear Mrs. Parrish and Traveling Road Show!!
    I love the pics and the adventure stories; how I feel, and laugh at that first year teacher! Been there and experienced that!!
    I think this particular group of young people should be our poster children for the Healthy and Nutrition Foods Policy!!! Glad everyone is having fun and I enjoy reading the blogs!
    Be safe all!
    Mr. Monteith

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