Day 2 (part 2?) – Bets on the table and blogs to follow!

Ok, so I think I should start out by saying that I am thinking strategically about my role in maintaining positive, healthy relationships with these chaperones. After all, I do have to LIVE with one of them post-trip, and WORK with another one of them for years to come.

With that in mind, I will tell you that I have ACTUALLY asked Ms. From if she feels comfortable with me sharing the “Napping Situation” (which it will be referred to from now on) with my little online community.

So, to give you a little background, the “Napping Situation” involves one particular napping teacher (Ms. From, in case you weren’t sure). A little more background…. Ms. From doesn’t actually sleep like normal people. She’s actually developed and refined a highly technical modified sleep schedule that only the most advanced of people can do. She’s kind of like military personnel, or maybe even like a world-renowned surgeon in this way!

You see, she’s trained her body to sleep in short minute to 1/2 hour intervals JUST when she needs it. No, 8 hour sleep for this lady! Nope, just little tidbits of sleep (typically scheduled between 4 pm and 4 am!) to give her body the rest it needs (and just EXACTLY enough rest that it needs) to continue on in her day! Sometimes it’s mere minutes, sometimes an hour or two.

Soooooo, now that you have a bit of background, let me tell you a bit more about the “Napping Situation”. Yesterday, Ms. From napped a grand total of 3 times! Seriously! Can you believe it? I know babies who nap less than that!

Anyway, we’re going to keep a running count of these naps as part of our “Napping Situation” chronicle. Mr. Amell has downloaded an app (of course!) that’s going to do the work for us! This particular app is going to count said mentioned naps AND take into account the external factors as well! For instance, “# of consecutive non-shopping days” and another “sleeping conditions (ie: bunk beds in Jasper)”. It’s all purely scientific and if I’m being a bit technical with all of this, please let me know! 🙂

What’s the point of all of this, you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked because I think we’re going to turn it into a little fundraiser. FUNDRAISER!???! Yes, of course. I’ve got to be thinking ahead to #glc78trip2015!

Here’s the deal. For a $5 buy-in (parents only, no kids!) you can buy into the “Napping Situation Pool”. All bets will be placed by midnight Day 5. The winner of said “Napping Situation Pool” will have accurately determined the number of naps between our 8am Tuesday, June 3rd departure and our 8ish return on Friday, June 13th! There’s already $20 in the pot, so that’s $10 for you and $10 for #glc78trip2015! Woot! Woot!

Let Kelly Amell know if you’re in for $5, and I’ll keep you updated on naps per day. Remember, you have until midnight Day 5 to chart (and graph) the daily naps, examine the data and make your bet! You also have those days to see if you can get your hands on 5 bucks. I’ve seen how much money some of you have given to your kids and I can’t imagine this will be an easy task!


Keep Calm
Wager on

or in the case of Ms. From
Keep Calm
Nap On

And by the way when I said, “I have ACTUALLY asked Ms. From if she feels comfortable with me sharing the “Napping Situation” I really mean, I mentioned it to her, but she was napping so I felt that was an affirmative.


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