Day 2 – And Then It Starts to Unravel

So after a perfectly stellar day of travel and excursions, the rain has started to RAIN on my PARADE! And (insert foot stomp) I’m not one bit happy at all!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, really, that SOME people wouldn’t be tooooo receptive to having me (a qualified journalist, if you must) represent them in my increasingly popular blog! 🙂

But, really…..who am I to hide the truth? I have a MORAL obligation to reveal all of this. It’s almost the same as INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM…… (insert squared shoulders and determined look!).

I’m hearing rumblings from CERTAIN male chaperones that they’re going to be starting a blog (insert big, hearty laugh) to defend themselves and to possibly go on the offense against me! I thought I might take the time to feel threatened by this, but then a certain chaperone’s husband came up and asked me how to find a website on the iPad and I suddenly felt QUITE CERTAIN that they aren’t going to be blogging maniacs anytime soon. (Although, I think there’s a certain amount of tech savvy with Mr. Potter – I’ve decided I’ll keep an eye on him and put Gravol in his coffee if he seems to be making any aggressive moves toward taking me and my message down!).

Anyway, if they did have a blog, they MIGHT tell you that I told the bus to pull away from the hotel at 8:00 am because 3 chaperones (I don’t want to name them because that would be rude, so instead I’ll just tell you who was on the bus – Ms. From, Mr. Amell and yours truly). So when they didn’t show for 8, we did what any time-conscious and slightly-over-obsessed-with-time-individual would do, WE LEFT.

Ok, ok, don’t fret! We didn’t really REALLY leave without them! We just pulled out from the hotel and went around the corner. I wouldn’t REALLY leave them behind, well ESPECIALLY not at this early stage, WHEN I REALLY REALLY need the manpower!

So, we waited and waited and for them (and by waited and waited, I mean like OVER 8 minutes!).

Now here’s where things get a bit sketchy. They (if they had blogs!) would TRY to tell you that they were late BECAUSE I made a mistake. I can assure you that this is actually not the case. The first and most obvious point I’d make is that (duh!) I wouldn’t make a mistake when I’m being SO CONSCIENTOUS! And the second is like, AS IF, I would ever EVER forget to check out of the hotel. Like, ahemm, I KNOW how to check out of a hotel. I’ve done it like A LOT of times, (or at the very least, I’ve specifically instructed Ron to go and check out A LOT of times!). So, I obviously KNOW how to check out of a hotel….

So, it seems we’re in a bit of a “grey area” on this one. Let’s just settle it this way.

I’m right.
They’re wrong,
Done deal.

And on that note, I’ll sign off for now. Apparently according to one certain chaperone who really shouldn’t burn any more bridges, I tend to be a bit “wordy”. Whatever! He’s going to find out what “wordy” is when I tell a few more stories…

Stay tuned.

Quotes from today:
I couldn’t be an ice machine, I’m tooo hot.” (Grade 8 girl, you guess who)
“Look cows! Wait, never mind, there’s no cows, I misCOWculated!: (most punny girl in Grade 8)


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