Ready? Hope so, cuz I got this!

(yawn) I’m ready. I think I’m ready. I’m pretty much ready.

Who am I kidding?

I’m not ready AT ALL! I’ll NEVER be ready! I could stay up all night, hire the Kardashians’ entourage, postpone the bus departure and call in the National Guard and I’d still NEVER BE READY!

(sigh, big sigh)

Okay, so I’m a little panicked and a smidge nervous but I think I might be ready. I’ve got piles of stuff for the bus (categorized by “under the bus” and “on the bus”), I’ve had meetings (gah! have we ever had meetings!), I’ve got a communication plan (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress – and tumblr (for Emily, of course!). I’ve packed (like as in my WHOLE house!). I’ve done my dishes (not a small task, I assure you!). I’ve charged my devices (electricity meter currently steaming!) and I’ve tidied the house (no I didn’t dust OR vacuum, I’m not ONE OF THOSE KIND OF WIVES!).

Laundry – check.
Dogsitter – check.
Catsitter – check.
Wallet – check.
Phone – check.
Husband – check.
Son – check.
41 students – check.

WHAT? 41 students? Like as in FORTY-ONE students? Who let that happen?

I’ll never be ready, I’ll just never be ready.


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