Getting Feedback from my Students

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This week, my students gave me feedback.  And just to clarify, it was specific (ummm, very specific) and timely (immediate, in fact!)”.

We were doing a short science experiment where students examined the densities of mystery substances (hidden in jars).  I had created a table for them to record their data.  It wasn’t long before they started giving me feedback on the table, specifically on one particular column.

“Mrs. Parrish, this is confusing.”
“I don’t understand why you have the numbers twice, how are we supposed to rank them.”
“What does the 1 stand for, what is the 5 for?”
“This doesn’t make sense.


I soon realized that we needed to have a whole class clarification, which we did.  BUT, once the experiment was completed, I asked them, “what should I do with the assignment to make it more clear for next year’s students?”

Like I said, they gave me specific and timely feedback (along with a little sarcasm for good measure!). The assignment is tidied up now, and as they work through their results, I’m thinking about the importance of feedback and the opportunity to try again (it’s kind of important, isn’t it!!??!!)….


The assignment is Chapter 05 – Pages 134 Differing Densities Experiment.  Feedback appreciated!  🙂


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