Call to Action and Rioting Grade 8 Students!

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The Grade 8 classroom is going to be filled with rioting, zealous, issue-impassioned students on Friday morning! No, we’re not having Marianas Trench in as guest speakers! No, we’re not giving out free obnoxiously-expensive name brand clothes! And no, we’re not handing out the newest gaming system, Xbox One!

Although all of those things would be ok (well, great if it was Marianas Trench!), we’re actually going to be listening to the students’ persuasive speeches – written to address issues of concern in our world!

This culminating event marks the end of our unit work with persuasion. Through this unit, students have been working on topic selection & development, identifying stakeholders, research, organizing ideas and persuasive voice.

One group took their research a bit further by researching historically significant speeches. They identified famous speeches and the traits of such. In this component of the unit, they created webs identifying the traits of famous speeches and youtube videos that connected these traits with famous speeches (they had to talk to the camera in their youtube presentations – it was awesome!).

Friday morning will bring an end to this focus. I’m going to be a bit sad – you would be too if you could see their work! We’ll be ending with a bang as they call us to action with their persuasive speeches! We’re going to be hearing about gender equality, bullying, sweatshops, and McDonald’s chicken mcNuggets (that’s just a sample – check out the poster with their titles!).

Like I said, you’re gonna wish you could be here! Who doesn’t like a Friday morning that starts with rioting, zealous, issue-impassioned elementary students…. 🙂


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