Large Numbers in Real Life

The Grade 8s are just finishing up their look at numbers and how they can be represented. Yesterday, the BIG projects came in (appropriately named “BIG” because some of them were physically huge!) and we’ll be hosting a carousel-style event for some of the younger students. Before I post those photos (which are going to be awesome – because the projects were AWESOME!), I thought I’d give parents a look at one of our assignments that led up to the culminating project.

When we looked at the concepts of expanded form and scientific notation, I asked students to select a personal area of interest and find out a fact about that area which involved a ‘big’ number. Students then represented that number in context, standard form, expanded form, and scientific notation. I loved their selected ‘personal areas of interest’ which ranged from Taylor Swift tracks sold to number of tornadoes in the US.

I’ve posted some samples in a slideshow for you to take a look at. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS – we’re also working on citing our sources – something I’m not very good at!
PS #2 – I didn’t check if their actual facts were correct…… (were there really 1 807 tornadoes in the US – that’s CRAZY!)


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