BIG Numbers – Culminating Assignment

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The Grade 8s were full of ideas on Friday afternoon as they started planning their final assignment of Chapter 1 (numbers and how they are represented). They were researching number of video game consoles sold, number of Golden Retrievers in the world and the amount of money Taylor Swift made in the last few years (a lot!). Each student was encouraged to select something relevant to them and then explore how numbers are used in that area of interest. I chose Ontario (not sure why, seeing as it is my 2nd favorite province!).

I promised them that I would do the same assignment as them so they would have an idea of what a Level 3 or 4 project would look like. I’m done (and exhausted! My fault for trying to do it all in one day instead of taking my own advice and doing a bit each day!). I’ve embedded it in a slideshow above. Students have the handout with the criteria as well.

If you have any questions, please email me. Projects are due Friday, maybe stop in to see our areas of interest if you’ve got a few minutes!


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