Interview ?’s and Herding Cats

Organizing the interviews was a bit like herding cats. Have you seen this video? Its absolutely awesome, and so, so like some of my teaching days!

Once our “experts” started replying to emails, there was a huge amount of tracking and organizing to ensure we met the commitments that we made. All students prepared their questions and conferenced with me to eliminate or add as needed. Some students got busy downloading Skype, some made plans to conduct and tape interviews at the school, one group travelled to Goldcorp, while another group went to the municipal office. A few students spent days on the phone trying to track down experts via universities and zoos. Everyone was busy interviewing or arranging interviews.

I allowed two weeks for this process, and conducted some lessons related to the environment on those days. In hindsight, though, I should have conducted more mini lessons for students who were done their interviews or “in-between”. Most of them kept busy with their online research (some were still watching documentaries, and some were still reading articles, but that did get a bit tedious!). So, lesson learned on that one.

Here’s a couple of pictures showing the information from our “Interview Questions Mini-Lesson” and as well the chart that I created to try and “herd these cats”.




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