Gr. 8 Projects & Questions for Project-Based Learning

Blog - Projects and Questions

If Project-Based Learning didn’t intimidate me before, it certainly did when my students came up with these amazing project ideas! ๐Ÿ™‚ Take a look through the list and you will see a wide array of project ideas and key focus questions. Syd’s project, “Lyme Disease in the Red Lake Area” and Jocelyn’s project on “Trash Islands” show how we’re looking at issues both locally and world-wide.

How did we get these project ideas? It was a combination of both independent and assisted project design. Some students came to school with ideas (they were prompted by the documentary, independent research and connections to their home life). Some students selected from a list of projects that I came up with (with the assistance of local blogger at 350 or Bust). Either way, students were able to do something that they were interested in (a key component of Project Based Learning).

Once the projects were selected, we developed the key questions. For this, we needed to conference one-on-one so that students could come up with a “deep” question. A lot of the preliminary questions were just basic (surface) questions. Once conferences were conducted, students revised their questions. Looking at the poster, I can see a few more revisions that we could have made, so let’s just call these ones, “…a good start.” ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, in case I’ve totally confused everyone with my rendition of project-based learning, you can check out this video.


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