Goldilocks Projects (aka “Just Right”)

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This blog post comes with a “please learn from my mistakes” shout! In my first venture into Project Based Learning (earlier this year), I didn’t set out any guidelines for project focus. Soooooo……I ended up with really BIG projects, really, REALLY, RREEEAAAALLLLLLLYYYYYYY big projects. (Sorry, for the lack of grammar integrity, but I want you to get the picture, like RREEEAAAALLLLLLLYYYYYYY get the picture!). 🙂

Lesson learned.

This time, we worked as a whole group to identify what is a “Too Big” project and of course, what is a “Just Right” project.

As well, during that lesson, we worked on the Learning Goal and Success Criteria. This is a work in progress as we’re still trying to figure out as a class how we can demonstrate critical thinking in our finished product. We’d welcome any ideas. Just comment below.

Tomorrow, the projects will be revealed. I think you’re going to love some of their interests! They really surprised me (which is always wonderful!).


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