Hello to Project Based Learning

Blog - Project Based LearningIn the Grade 8 class, we’re delving into Project Based Learning. And to tell you the truth, its scary than the scariest movie I’ve ever seen (which was the 1991 Psychological Thriller, Sleeping with the Enemy – starring Julia Roberts). I really, really despise scary movies (as you can see by the fact that I haven’t watched one in 21 years!).

The jury’s still out on whether or not project based learning is going to become another phobia of mine. I’m thinking “not” but we’ll have to see…..

I like clean, clearly-laid-out, defined-in-stone assignments.

Anyone thinking “worksheets”? They’re so perfectly set out, with their columns and their rows and their numbers and their spots for the name and the date…….they’re just so…….ready-to-go.

Project Based Learning isn’t like that. At All. Zero. Nada. Not even close. It’s the OPPOSITE of worksheets, its the OPPOSITE of rows and columns, its the OPPOSITE of ready-to-go.



It’s…kind of exciting…..

……In a good way.

I think.

I’ll keep you posted. 🙂


35 thoughts on “Hello to Project Based Learning

  1. I can see why my teacher said project based learning is the opposite of worksheets, because in a project like this, the students are in control, rather than the teacher. We decide on an appropriate topic, and conduct interviews with a bit of assistance by MP. I prefer this type of learning rather than a typical assignment because I won’t become bored with the topic (well, maybe) and I’ll get the work done sooner rather than putting it off.

  2. To me project based learning is a bit scary :). You never know what your research is going to find, or if you main source is even going to answer your questions! Basically, you have to complete it all on your own, without any sort of guidelines of what to do. It’s all independent which is something I find a little scary 😀

  3. To me project based learning is painfull. It is very time consuming and stress full especially with the topic i have. The hardest part about it is trying to find the info. I dont really like “Big Projects” as mrs parrish would call it because i always end up hardest or stupidest topic. I really wish we didnt have to do them!!!!!

  4. To me, project based learning is completely weird. Like weird. Weirder than the 1.3.2 update in Minecraft when zombies could pick up my armour and stuff. Like….aliens weird. Or Garr- never mind. I dislike project based learning a lot, Like…..a lot. As much as I dislike the 1.5.1 update. I think you all get the drift. I just dislike project based learning. DISLIKE IT.

  5. To me project based learning is not exciting its boring see i would do work sheets because you don’t need to do everything on your own. So you don’t need to find and piece together info that’s there all you need to do is answer not a full out show for the class.

  6. I can see why my teacher said project based learning is the opposite of worksheets, because we as students can control what we are learning and it is also a bit of a breck from worksheets

  7. I think project based learning is a fun and better way for a project. I like it because you don’t know what information you are going to find. Also you get to talk to real people and ask questions about your project. I think we should do more project based learning “Projects”.

  8. To me project based learning is a way for a student to focus in a topic that interest them but at the same time learn from it. It allows them to have more control and become an expert and then take the role as a teacher and teach other students what they learned. Project based learning can be seen as fun learning experience but I prefer the ready-to-go method.

  9. Well… I don’t see why you think this project based learning is ‘soooo’ exciting or scary. Personally I think project based learning isn’t ‘so’ exciting or scary at all. It’s just work. Work. Yes, JUST WORK. But I see why you said it is the opposite of worksheets because I agree. Like you said worksheets are easy and ready-to-go, but project based learning is difficult and you have to do it all yourself. Find the research, create the interviews, and make your whole entire project work within a certain time span. Yayyyy fun, not.

  10. To me project based learning is where you explore your topic, really become an expert. You have to be able to look at the possibilities of your idea. You ca be creative and not just fill in the blanks or “show your work”. It can be really fun or really stressful depending on how much time you’ve put into it. I prefer project based learning because you have more room to research and do your work the way YOU want to do it.

    Plus a lot of class time is given to our so called “research” and it’s pretty layback.

  11. To me project based learning is a great idea. I think it is a great idea because you get to choose your own topic which means you can explore and find more information about this topic. For me I would rather do a project like this then do a work sheet because with the project I get to teach the class about what I want to where as a work sheet the teacher is in control.

  12. To me project based learning is scary but fun at the same time! You can find-out thing about the topic that you might not have learned in the textbook. But when you do project based learning you have to find a reliable soures or all your information. It’s all independent which can be very scary 🙂

  13. To me project base learning is exciting because the students have control rather then your teacher. You have to complete them on your own with your own ideas that you are interested in. I think that more projects will improve are work.

  14. To me project based learning is gaining new knowledge. To do this you must research ALOT to become an expert on your topic. Project based learning can be hard though keeping on track with your topic, trying to keep it a small project and getting the right and valuable information to contribute to your project. I agree worksheets are much easier 🙂

  15. I can see why my teacher said project based learning is the opposite of worksheets because when you are doing project based learning you use research from the internet and you are able to interview people that can give you true facts. It is opposite of work sheets also because your project can go anywhere. Everyone has different ideas for different topics so none of them are the same. The last reason for why I agree with my teacher is because when she gives us work sheets, she usually knows all of the answers and information that is supposed to be filled into the questions that she gives us on the worksheets, but with project based learning each student are the ones making the questions and we find answers that maybe our teacher dose not now about already. These are the reasons why I agree with my teacher.

  16. To me Project based learning is annoying because if your looking for something for a big project there’s so many web sites and you cant find the page you want you could have more of a chance finding more information in the community i’d rather do work sheets

  17. To me project based learning is a thumbs down. These projects we are doing make me extremely nervous :O I don’t want to do a huge project about one thing for huge mark. It’s like if this person doesn’t reply hey im going to have to re do my whole project. I think my teacher should be scared of project based learning so future kids don’t have to suffer. Just sayin :3

  18. I find P.B.L (project based learning) really a mix of surprising/interesting and dumb. Mostly because what you find can or will be surprising and also interesting. Or it could be your teacher picked the topic and your just researching it which makes it dumb because you probably don’t like it. 😛

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