“The Call of the Wild” pre-reading survey

Students in Grade 8 will begin reading a new novel this morning – a classic by famed author, Jack London.  I’m sure many parents will probably even remember this book as it was often a favorite of English teachers.  To begin, The Call of the Wild, we’re going to start with a few survey questions as a part of our pre-reading activities.  Please complete the survey below (especially students!).





In the comments below, write a response to the survey questions above.  Discuss your thoughts about our current novel, using information from your reading experiences in the past. Once you have completed your response, add to the ideas of your classmates.


28 thoughts on ““The Call of the Wild” pre-reading survey

  1. I have always been rather picky about the books I read. In my spare time, I would never have picked up a book like this, for two reasons. I don’t like the idea of a dog narrating a book, and I also don’t favourite man vs nature conflicts. I hope this book turns out good, though. Because then I feel that my assignments won’t be up to par, if I don’t enjoy it.

  2. The book sounds very interesting. I have never read a book with the main character being an animal so I am excited to see what it is about. Can’t wait to start reading!

  3. I think it might be a bit strange to read a book narrated by a dog 🙂 But it might be interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book like that before! I’m not quite sure what the conflict will be, but i’m thinking it might be either man vs nature, because the book is title ‘Call of the wild’ or Man vs Man, because that seems like a common conflict.

    • There’s this really amazing book called, The Art of Racing in the Rain, and it has a dog as the main character. It is one of my favorite books! I am excited to see what you think of The Call of the WIld. Double fingers crossed that you will like it!

  4. I don’t think I could really go for a book that is narrated by a dog. I mean, it’s not that a dog can’t narrate, but it would seem just weird. Conflict, I don’t actually really care about conflict. And an animal about being the main character, it’s like grade 1 all over again.

    • What makes the cover look good? Remember to provide proof for your statements! 🙂 I think that a good book cover can definitely pull in the reader – in this case – a dog fight is definitely a pull! Why are they fighting? Who are they?

  5. I have read some books with narrators as animals and main characters, when I was younger but have not read them in a while. I am eager to see how this book will turn out, and how the author will pull us into this novel, knowing not many people read books with animal main characters. I personally, am very intrigued by this choice of novel conflict, but still think this author might have the potential and right writing skills to make this a great book.

  6. I honestly don’t know what I will think of this book. From what I have heard already I think I will probably like this book. It sounds unique and I don’t think I have read many books with an animal as the main character so I will defiantly be an interesting read. I also have always enjoyed reading books with Man VS Nature conflict because I love the adventure involved with it. I am very excited to start reading and see how this novel turns out!

  7. I don’t know for sure what I think about this book fully yet but I know that I will give it a chance just like the giver. At first I didn’t really like ready the giver since it was really slow and didn’t seem like a book I would read so that is what I think might happen with me and “The Call of the Wild

  8. I think that this book will be different from the other books we have read as a class because the main caracter is a dog and i just think that it will be more effective to me. I have read more books that are man vs nature because it has to do with more the wild life and real life things.

  9. I don’t really like the sound of Man vs Nature. After reading the Hatchet, I wasn’t really interested in reading anymore. I like books like man vs man, Like the hunger Games that have conflicts I can relate to. Whereas when I think of an animal narating a book, it sounds kind of childish to me or not worth reading. However, I have read books with animals and the narators, and it seems like one of those children books, but of course, I know that our class novel is not. Although i’m not really going in with the highest expectations, Seeing at how you have commented on how it is a very good classic, I will probably turn around mid way through the book.

  10. I think the Grade 8’s are going to love this novel for 2 reasons. One, a novel written (haha) by a dog is always entertaining. Just look at “The art of racing in the rain.” This was an amazing novel written from the dogs perspective. I admit at first i was skeptical…very, but I loved it! The second reason your students will love this novel is because, any novel written by an acclaimed novelist is almost always going to be a hit!

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