The Hunger Games projects

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This week, students started their final assignment for The Hunger Games novel study. For this project, each student has the option of selecting from the teacher created assignments or designing their own project.

After discussing the options presented, we worked as a class to create three sets of success criteria that will help students complete their project.  The three areas that students need to think about as they complete their project are showing understanding of the novel, ability to think critically (metacognition) and learning skills.  In each of these three categories the students worked with me to identify the things that I should look for as I assess their work.

In the slideshow, you can see the projects listed, and as well, the success criteria that we have come up with.  The projects are due on Monday, November 12th (9:00 am).  Stay posted to this blog for photos of our completed projects!





3 thoughts on “The Hunger Games projects

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