Math Homework Help

Students (and parents) in Grade 8 are reminded of the excellent site and online (real-life) tutors that are available at Homework Help.  Located at this site, Homework Help is an excellent website for your math learning.  Ms. Herbert has worked with the Grade 8 students to register their emails and passwords and they are now ready to use the site.  The site includes the following resources:

1.  24/7 Best Sessions, Interactive Tutorials and Listen and Learn.
2.  Calculator and a Glossary.
3.  Real Tutors!  Available Sunday to Thursday, 5:30 – 9:30pm ET, these tutors are trained in all math concepts from Grades 7 to 10.

Homework Help is funded by the Ontario government and administered by TVO’s Independent Learning Centre.  Several of our students have used it in the past, and have expressed a high level of appreciation for the help they were able to get while doing their homework.  Please bookmark the site and let us know how you’ve been able to use it!


One thought on “Math Homework Help

  1. The fact that students have access to such a wealth of assistance is of a great advantage to their learning. Sometimes they may forget that this is such an incredible advantage so I was wondering if having a “contest” of some sort would encourage students to access these pages more often?

    I appreciate the links and suggestions that are put forth regularly on this site.

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