Media Literacy Websites

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Today, during our literacy block, we looked at the concept of Media Literacy. In the lesson, we focused on the following:
– what is media?
– what is meant by media literacy?
– what is the connection between you, the student, and media?
After talking about these concepts (after pulling teeth about these concepts….) we moved on to today’s assignments. I wanted the students to use some media literacy game-based websites to learn more about this concept. I could tell from our initial discussion that their knowledge was limited and that they needed to learn a lot more.
Students were asked this question, “If a website is designed to teach you about media literacy, what traits would it need to have to be effective?”. Their thoughts are in the web above.
Next, students explored a variety of websites from this site.
Tomorrow, students are going to evaluate the websites that they explored. They will need to connect their learning from the class discussion with the websites that they worked in. This will be a blog post that you’ll soon see on their blogs.

PS – if you’re like me and could use a refresher on media literacy, check out this site. Also, the games are at this site.


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