Tweeting our History Learning

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History became a bit mingled into Social Media today in the Grade 8 classroom! Students had the opportunity to use twitter to showcase their learning about the Metis people and the buffalo hunt. My goal, ultimately, was to have them take on the role of an active reader as they read non-fiction text. (They didn’t know that, though! They thought I just wanted them to use twitter because I love it!).
So, we read and discussed a portion of text, and then they tweeted responses to it (textbooks closed) with the following guiding statements.
1. Tweet things you never knew before
2. Tweet things you have questions about
3. Tweet connections you make
The slideshow above has some of the class tweets, and as well you can search for more online by looking up the tag @mproom31 or the hashtag #glchistory8.
By the way, have you tweeted lately?


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