Selecting a Persuasive Topic

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Today, the Grade 8s finalized their topic/issues for their upcoming persuasive essays. We had to make some changes from yesterday’s topic choices (made amidst the joy of vaccination needles!) as a few of the topic choices weren’t necessarily grade appropriate (a little simple for some).

When we started Literacy class today, I asked the students “What criteria do you think would determine whether or not a issue is a Grade 8 issue?” You can see their ideas in the “Criteria for Selecting an Issue” poster above. After that, I asked them to post on their blogs. The blog post needed to justify their topic choice, by connecting the criteria that they had offered with their own personal reasons. I drew an organizer on the board (we used this organizer a lot last year) to help them map their paragraphs. Its pictured in the slideshow above as well.

I’ll be keeping you updated on their writing as we work on persuasive essays. Make sure you ask your child about their topic!


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