What if we all had “sameness”?

Can you imagine a world with no color?  A world with no emotions, a world where people laugh at the word “love” because it is so obscure?  I don’t think we can really imagine what this would be like, but the Grade 8s have taken a glimpse into it with our novel, “The Giver”. 

“The Giver” is set in the future, in a utopian society that has “sameness” – same weather every day of the year, same clothing for all age groups, same rules for everyone, and as I said earlier, no color.  Everything is in black and white.  Can you imagine?  Probably not.

Take some time this weekend to ask your child about this novel. We’ve had some amazing conversations about the possibilities of “sameness”.  I’ve asked them, “What would you be willing to give up to live in a perfect world?”  Their answers have been simple and complex.  At times, you can hear the young adult in them – “If you never knew pain, how could you truly know joy?” (and a few times the tantruming toddler – “I don’t want it that way!”). They’ve examined the issues by questioning the world that the author created, and by making connections to countries and situations around the world.  (I love that!)

It’s a perfect read to make us think about the world that we live in, and what might happen if we don’t take care of it.


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