Pros and Cons of Utopian Societies

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Today, as a part of our novel study, The Giver, we examined the pros and cons of the utopian society that is depicted in this novel.  The students are quite outraged about some of the things they’ve been reading (and they haven’t even gotten to the really deep stuff yet!).  Things like mandatory clothing, haircuts and job assignments have them totally despising the idea of a controlled society!  Unfortunately, even though I am happy to have them see these issues, I also want them to see that there are good things about utopian societies.  This is a lot harder for them!

Today, the students were divided into two groups and they then worked collaboratively to identify the pros and cons within this group.  This went really well!  You can see their ideas in the blog slideshow above (sorry, you had to miss the discussion – it was great as well!)


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