How to Unsubscribe (boohoohoo….)

Everybody wants “followers” right? I can’t lie – I was super excited in June to see that my blog had 167 followers! That’s pretty huge for an amateur blogger like myself. But, reality soon set in and I realized that loads of my followers (ahemm, I mean the blog’s followers) need to move on! So, if you’re not as interesetd in GLC’s grade 8 classroom or specifically, yours truly, you may want to unsubscribe. (insert dejected sigh!).

To unsubcribe, simply scroll to the bottom of this email, click on MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS (a page will open online), hover over MPROOM31,  then select UNFOLLOW.
With that being said, you’re welcome to hang out here as long as you want! I really appreciate all the patience my followers (ahemm, I mean my blog followers!) have shown over the last couple of years!  Have a great day!


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