Day 10 – Museum and Montana’s

Thursday, June 14

14 comes before 15, we’re home on the 15th.



Like a white light at the end of a tunnel.

We’re going to make it out alive!!

In typically commendable form, we were up and on to the bus within our timeframe. Had to wait a bit for me to say goodbye to Ma and Pa Kettle but not the usual teary goodbye as I will see them this summer. Also forgot to mention that my sister (the one I was trying to get to go into labour on Monday night) did have a baby girl yesterday (Wednesday). My newest niece, Pyvie Mabel Nash is waiting for her Aunty Michelle to come back to Calgary for a visit! I thought about turning the bus around and heading back to Calgary to see the new baby, but frankly, I don’t like your children THAT MUCH!

I really need to get these kids home, my political correctness pool is being tapped dry!

It was a super quiet drive to Regina – lots of sleepers this morning! I took some pictures because they just looked so darn cute! (that, and also some of the kids that were drooling on each others’ shoulders don’t typically hang out, so it makes it that much sweeter to see their drooling cross over typically defined clique-lines!).

Lunch in Regina was uneventful, except that I ran into an old high school friend in Tim Hortons. And of course, that opens up even more possibilities for Saskatchewn jokes!

As we left Regina, Jim started up his usual Bi-annual Saskatchewan game. The goal of this game is to create as many words as you can with the letters from Saskatchewan. He challenged them with a great prize and the information that previous winners had come up with more than 100 words. After passing out paper and pens, the students got right to work. Also, a few of the chaperones settled into the task too. At one point, Mr. Reid had to remind students (ahemm, a certain chaperone) that walking slowly down the aisle and asking students “hows it going” while peering over their shoulder is a form of cheating!

Apparently, there are like 150 words that can be made from the word SASKATCHEWAN. I bet you can’t say that for any of the second-rate provinces like, say for example, ONTARIO! Yet, another reason why Saskatchewan is awesome (not that we needed one, of course!).

As we were travelling to Brandon, we realized that we were probably going to arrive much earlier than we had originally thought. Thankfully I happened to overhear Mr Reid telling someone that he might move our Montana’s reservation up by an hour or so! I was like, “whoa…..hold on here! This will create a major catostrophe!”…….

He didn’t know that I had promised (blood promise, with written contract that I would give up my firstborn) the girls that they absolutely (100%, guaranteed, promised, signed, sealed and delivered) would be able to shower when they got to Brandon and before they went out for supper. If I had reneged on that promise, I would have been promptly tarred and feathered by these girl! I’ve learned that they take their beauty seriously, very VERY SERIOUSLY!

So, upon unpacking from the bus in Brandon, they set in motion one of the most amazing transformations I’ve ever seen (think Extreme Makeover: Home Edition x 17!). All their casual clothes were set aside and out came flowing skirts, fancy shirts, braided and flowered hair, makeup and as a final touch flip flops (in coordinating shades of brown, as we’ve seen our share of mud this trip!). They were gorgeous!

Unfortunately, their glory was short-lived because as the boys emerged there was NO ATTENTION for the girls! Those boys cleaned up good (no small task I assure you!). The boys had their hair totally spiffed up, had found great golf and button shirts and dare I say, some even ironed their pants! (and by ironing I mean, they allowed their natural body heat to press out some of the creases!).

I must note that Jarod performed a transformation COUP with his GQ grey suit! It was the talk of the town, and he pulled it off hands down!

As well, parents of our girls should do an inventory of the clothes that come back in their daughters’ suitcases. Apparently, for supper, Beth wore Ashley’s dress, Ashley wore Beth’s skirt. Hannah wore Darci’s shirt and Teresa’s skirt. Stefanie wore Darci’s shirt and Teresa’s skirt. Darci wore Stefanie’s shirt and skirt. Jocelyn wore Bethany’s skirt and Stefanie’s shirt. Mercedes wore Darci’s dress and Hannah’s flip flops. Chasity wore my necklace. Jenna wore Jocelyn’s earrings. Ashley wore Teresa’s headband. (seriously!). Parents of the boys, on the other hand, have nothing to worry about! They didn’t exchange a thing!

At Montana’s the students ate and ate and ate and ate (think gross domestic food intake of a small country, like Zimbabwe). They shared appetizers (4 cheese dip, nachos, quesadillas), ordered a variety of meals (ribs, salads, and hamburgers!) and they GORGED on desserts! The Skillet Cookie was a fave and the mini-donuts were also shared amongst a few. Going to say, that they listened to Mr. Reid’s instructions to “not waste, only order what you will eat.” very well. (and they, as well as us, had the post-supper stomach aches to prove it!).

At the hotel, they came in like a herd of buffalo (which seemed appropriate seeing as they had just eaten like them!). We were somewhat lenient on the bed time seeing as it was the last night! That, and the fact that we were all struggling with any type of movement! Our trip tradition of a last-night-poker game took a pause this year and all I’m going to say is that I’m pretty sure it’s because nobody, NOBODY wanted to take on the SUPREME REIGNING CHAMP! (that would be me, for those of you who don’t know!). So, I’m assuming word got around and this new set of chaperones was just too scared to lay down their cards with this card-shark-amazing-o! That, and we all forgot to pack the chips!

Lights out at midnight. Sleeping at 12:01 (me, anyway). Sweet dreams!

Quotes from the day

“you can pluralize but not apostrophize” (Mr. Reid, In discussing rules for Saskatchewan game).

Trip Bylaw Appendix I

1. Find way to channel energy used by girls to transform from bus-travel-look to evening-at-Montana’s-look. Might be the answer to global energy crisis.
2. Use school morning entry time to model how to enter a hotel at 11pm.
3. Put girls’ clothing on a GPS tracking system so all items can be returned to owners.

Note: chaperones all have meetings with their psychologists around 8:30 Friday evening, you should expect us in school parking lot around 8:00.


One thought on “Day 10 – Museum and Montana’s

  1. Great pictures Michelle–are u going to make a book of the trip that we can purchase, that would be great for the parents that weren’t on the trip. Let me know as I would like to get one and enjoy much needed sleep this weekend. Karen

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