Special Feature: Male Chaperones – 1, Female Chaperones – 0

Now, I don’t mean to speak out of turn (oh, yes I do) but there was an emerging issue about hotel rooms since our stay in Cochrane last night. Apparently (I wasn’t there so this is totally hearsay (true hearsay, mind you)), but when the guys saw our room in Cochrane (3 double beds, natural lighting, flowers on the desk and butler service! – just kidding, but not about the beds!), there was a fairly significant outcry (think tears, banging on doors and yelling at the front desk!). Apparently the three princes weren’t too happy with their two queen beds! And well, as you can imagine we weren’t dipping too far into the sympathy cookie jar!

So, when we got to Drumheller, we were a bit curious as to what kind of room the men would have (I’m thinking jacuzzi, cooled drinks and a patio) so we kind of hung around their door chatting non-chalantly as they entered (who am I kidding, they were totally on to us!). Well, when they opened that door, we were screaming mad (think tears, banging on doors and yelling at the front desk). They THEY (insert sputtering) had lucked out with a full suite (think King bed in one room, two beds in the other, fireplace, kitchen and seating area!)

Well, much to our surprise (and delight!) we soon learned that the joke was on us! They were giving the deluxe room to us, and they were taking the standard! How awesome! What prince charmings! What a treat, and we have them to thank for it!

Our thanks have only been slightly diminished by Pierrer’s frequent conversation interruptions as he keeps looking about for a “can opener”. Finally, after the third time he asked for it, I said, “what in the world do you need a can opener for?”. To which he replied, “I need it to open up our room, it’s about the size of a can of sardines!”. And, as you can imagine if you know Perrier at all, this is certainly not the only can of sardines joke we have heard this evening!

I should have known……..


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