Day 5 – Facing challenges!

Saturday, June 9

Well, that was fun!

Okay, it wasn’t. It was freezing and awful and if I wasn’t psychologically required to keep a happy face for our students’ own well-being then I wouldn’t! No, I absolutely wouldn’t! Because, it was cold and freezing and cold some more and freezing some more!! I have a very sour and disdainful face hidden behind my MP happy-smile and I’m only going to tell you guys about it! (So, keep it a secret!)

So here’s the deal. We’e not getting very nice weather right now. It was raining in Edmonton this morning, it rained all through our drive into the mountains and it’s raining here in Jasper this evening. So… question to you is, “if it’s raining at the bottom of the mountain, what’s it doing at the top of the mountain?”

Well, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist (or a sour Grade 7 teacher) to figure out this one! Yep, thats right – its snowing. Or to be more accurate….it’s BLIZZARDING! Yes, BLIZZARDING! You have read correctly. It was massively snowing when we got to the top of the tramway and man-oh-living was it cold!

We knew it was going to be cold, but we didn’t figure that it would be take-your-breath-away, limited visibility, wet-clothes-soaked-runners, breathless kind of cold! Honestly, it was FREE-ZING!!!

Now, I know I should probably have a better attitude, especially considering the fact thAt the students did! They were overall good sports about it – putting on A very brave face even as some of them realized that they were climbing a mountain, sorry climbing a mountain…blind! One of the students looked up at me and said, “What if I fall off the edge?”. I was like, “Don’t worry about it. You’ll be frozen solid before you hit the ground anyway!”

In addition to the freezing excursion on the mountain, the students also had to miss their hot springs excursion. Apparently, the massive amounts of rainfall causes some kind of chemical imbalance in the pools. They were disappointed but not overly. (I think they are super-tired!). We made a promise to them that we will try to book it for Sunday, and that helped to placate those who were totally bummed!

So, in addition to having a bee in my bonnet I’ve also got a knot in my knickers! I’m trying to figure out how I could be so obviously and painfully beaten by Jim today. Seriously…..

As some of you know, I tend to TRY to be prepared. So… preparation for supper, Mrs. Amell, Mrs. Hay and I decided that we wanted to eat at an Italian restaurant for supper. So, we googled, “jasper Italian restaurants”, phoned them (3 times!) and then had our students quickly change into nice outfits in preparation for their evening meal. So, with all that preparation, we headed into the restaurant. Well, guess who showed up with his group a few minutes later? Yep, you guessed it! Mr. Reid! So…..he says to the lady, “Can you seat us, and get us out in under an hour so we can go to a a movie?”.

WELL! Did they ever!!! Not only did they immediately seat him and his group, but they also proceeded to quickly take THEIR ORDERS, pour THEIR DRINKS, serve THEIR FOOD and bring THEIR BILL! Honestly, I think they were out of the restaurant and seated at their movie before I could say, “…just a water to start please!”. Honestly, how could that happen!

We ended our restaurant visit with my nose out of joint and Jim’s group about 20 minutes ahead of us! :). Actually, to tell you the truth, we were soon distracted by the arrival of our bills. Now, to prep you for this, I will tell you that we were in a great little restaurant, a bit fancy and the portions were huge! Most of the students left about half of their pasta in their bowls (seriously, there was about 4 cups of pasta in the bowls (Nancy said three, but I’m sticking with my guess!)). So, at the end of the supper there was a fair amount of food leftover in a lot of plates. Now, typically I don’t monitor this kind of thing, but when the bill says $37.50 for Pollo Picatta, I want to know IF IT WAS EATEN!!!!!! (like did they eat $3.75 worth of it, or did they eat $37.50 of it?!?!).

One neat thing that we did this afternoon was take the kids out for a hot chocolate and snack after the tramway. We actually went to the restaurant at the tramway summit which is 2207 meters above sea level! Seeing that they started at 1304 meters and had travelled all that distance in 7 minutes, this ended up being a small way that we could add to the excursion.

One fairly significant and somewhat disturbing revelation was made today and for those of you who followed the trip emails last year, this will be a matter that you are aware of (or if your path has ever crossed Mr. Amell’s, a matter that you are VERY WELL AWARE OF!!).

We have now discovered that there might be a “Hinton Curse” on our school trip. Now to begin, I think I should give you a bit of history of this. As the story (mine, and the truth) goes, Mr. Amell and Mr. Peloquin offered to run into a nearby store while the student finished their meals in a few fast food restaurants within eyesight. I had to run an errand as well, so I told the bus driver where the men were and where I was going. During the time I was gone, the kids finished eating and loaded up the bus. When I returned, I ‘assumed’ that everyone was on the bus. Now, here’s what I can account for. I can account for the 40 students. I counted them, they were all there. Unfortunately that one thing is not equal to the TWO things I can’t account for. The first thing is I can’t account for is the drivers listening skills. I’m sorry, but I am just not able to control that. The second thing I can’t account for is the amount of time it took Mr. Amell and Mr. Peloquin to run the errand! Their lack of speed is not my responsibility!

So….yes, in the end, when all was said and done (and believe me, A LOT WAS SAID!), the two men had a lengthy walk, an insinuated “your-fault” statement was made and a grudge was born!

But after yesterday’s event, it appears that the picture may be a whole lot bigger than we had originally seen. Maybe, just maybe…..

Yesterday. In. The . Same. Parking. Lot.

It. Happened. Again.


As we pulled away from THAT SAME PARKING LOT, one of the kids said, “hey, where are Beth and Ashley.”. And…..yep, you guessed it. LEFT BEHIND! And like I said.

In. The. Same. Parking. Lot.


So I’m sure you will all agree with me that this is much bigger than me, and really, I think we should call it….”The Hinton Curse”. Therefore, I am now absolved of all responsibility for the 2010 incident (the previous statement does not assume that I ever did assume any responsibility for that incident).

Trip Bylaw Appendix D

1. Bypass Hinton on all school trips.
2. Give Jim a restaurant guide so he doesn’t follow me into restaurants.
3. Put a $30 limit on suppers.
4. Add winter boots, mitts, gloves, long johns, ski pants, and winter coats to the packing list.

So, that’s all for tonight. Getting more and more tired as the days go by, so you should expect that the updates will get shorter and shorter! (unless the chaperones start giving me some good material to work with!)

Good night, Michelle


3 thoughts on “Day 5 – Facing challenges!

  1. Well it sounds like it was another eventfull day and just think Michelle only 5 more to go . If it makes u feel any better it hasn’t been nice in Red Lake the last few days. The rain has been coming down non-stop and last night we had a wonderful thunder and lighting show . Well let me just put it this way if we get much more rain has

  2. I am enjoying your posts Michelle! Thanks for taking the time to do this! I am glad all is going well and everyone is having fun! I sure miss my boy but I know he is in good hand!! 🙂

  3. Well if it makes u feel any better it was a really horrible weekend here in Red Lake . It has been raining buckets yes buckets for the last couple of days. In fact there has been so much rain that if it continues we will have to ditch our cars and start boating everywhere. And to top it off last night we had a wonderful thunder and lighting show and I stopped counting how many times the power went out .We did not have a snow blizzard but that could happen –remember we live in Red Lake.So I will sign off sleep tight all and sweet dreams .

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