Day 2 – Paintball and Prairies – double the excitement!

Dear Parents

Happy day 2! We are continuing our trip with the usual excursions – you know the ones I’m talking about – embarrassing restaurant stops, a trip to the walk-in clinic and a chaperone-only Tim Hortons stop!

I know you’re never going to believe this (and it’s a little early on in the trip to claim I’m off my rocker!) but every student (EVEN YOUR OWN) woke up this morning without being asked twice. This is how it went (some of you should try this). Read carefully to see exactly how it’s done….

1. Enter the room.
2. Turn on the light.
3. Say “wake up”.
4. Exit the room.

That’s it! Worked in every single room this morning!! It’s obviously the perfect way to wake up teenagers OR we are the perfect people to wake up teenagers! (I’d say that’s more likely!)

With this kind of perfect wake up call, we were all loaded onto the bus 15 minutes ahead of schedule! (Impressive, I know!).

When we got to Regina I was really impressed to hear the courtesy and politeness used by all of our students. As well I thought it was quite impressive when one of our students asked the Wendy’s employee, if he could have a “BIG MAC, please”. Great use of manners, even if he had his fast-food restaurants a bit mixed up! :). (Liz, can you touch base with Jarod about this).

Enroute to Regina (approximately 200 km west of Regina), I received a call from one concerned parent. Apparently, she had just received a phone call from JOSE at BRANDON MOVIE THEATRE. Well-o-wello, why do you think that JOSE would just randomly call this parent!??? Hmmmm, leads me to think it might not be so RANDOM……and guess what? …. I am right! It wasn’t random, because this parent’s precious firstborn had done the unthinkable! Yep, you got it! He left his wallet in a pile of popcorn! So….because of our confidentiality agreements, I can’t say a word about who this was. (but I will need you to excuse me while I go and recind this particular student’s “Surprise-us” award that was received Yesterday!).

Also, parents, I’ve been doing a little investigating into the whole Chasity-Waldo issue and I’ve definitely got some of the goods on the involved parties. Now, here’s the public version (Jim’s). Apparently everything was loaded on the bus when he looked down and saw one lone bag leftover. Upon a thorough investigation, he discovered that this bag was none other than Mrs. Hays!!! Sooooo, in true trip fashion, he told her that she had to wear Waldo.

Well, that went over like a pregnant pole-vaulter! She apparently channeled her inner Mr.-Moneybags, and promptly offered Chasity an undisclosed amount of money to wear it in her place. Chasity, being the typical teenager that she is (they never mind embarrassing themselves, which you know because you live with them!!), took Mrs. Hay up on that offer and got the suit on. Now here’s where some of the details get a bit fuzzy. When I tried to inquire into the
amount of money that exchanged hands, everybody’s clamming up like the days of Prohibition. I’ll have to employ some other tactics to get the scoop on this one so stay posted.

Heading out to paintball, with the lovely sounds of a grid road beneath us, I found myself mentally psyching up for this upcoming event. I had to do a fair amount of this self-psych-prep-work (being the gentle spirited pacifist that I am). Typically, I’m not the kind of person to put myself in the line of fire, and quite frankly, being a teacher I’m that much more conscious of the likelihood that there may possibly be some intent for revenge amongst the 35 treasures we’ve brought along! But with the intent to put a brave face on, be a part of team, build up community spirit and support the wimpy, pathetic girls cowering in the bus washroom – I was going to put my GAME FACE ON and PLAY PAINTBALL!

Then Jim made an announcement…….”okay, we have arrived at paintball and they’re just getting set up for us. So, the name of this place is Battlefield Paintball, but for today, they’ve set up some special games for us, and it’s been renamed. It is……..The Hunger Games, GLC Version!!!”

I went and joined the wise girls in the bus washroom!!!!

As paintball finished up, I was thinking to myself, “wow! We made it out of here without any good stories.” (Bummer!). But then the evening began and the stories emerged!

One of the first ones that emerged, or should I say one of the first war wounds to emerge appeared on none other than our tough guy chaperone – Mr. Plett. As he walked by me, I had to step aside for the huge, HUGE GOOSEBUMP on his head! (More noticeable due to his Spring shave). Apparently, he was heading bunker to bunker when Mr Peloquin caught sight of him and he was all over him like an American on a school of walleye! Ping, ping, ping…..till finally he nailed him right in the head, just above the face mask! Apparently Mr Plett went down like nobody’s business and as well, apparently Mr Peloquin went up like nobody’s business (think Tim Robbins rain scene in Shawshank Redemption – google those words if you can’t imagine it!).

Another paintball story came right from Mrs. Hay when she Relayed the story of her own experience in the third game of the night. Apparently she was focused on her mission, intent upon stealthily achieving the targeted flag! Making her way through the dense bush, she crept steadily along (accessing her inner Ninja, I might add!). Suddenly she heard close fire, shots to the left of her! Dropping to all fours, she hoped the dense bush would hide her whereabouts! Unfortunately, the shots continued and appeared to even be closer. She dropped to the ground, wishing mightily that she could sink deep into the knee-high grass and surrounding shrubs. Waiting there, for what seemed like hours, she finally felt completely safe, knowing that the enemy had passed. As she began to make an exit plan, an awful awareness enveloped her and an image came to mind. “I’ve been laying in this grass for I don’t know how long and all of a sudden I think to myself, “I wonder if the ticks are bad here too…..”.”

From paintball, we were soon on our way to the great burger joint, Fuddruckers! The kids were absolutely starving, and their appetites were soon fed by ginormous burgers, fries and salads. Apparently, the war-mood was still upon them, because there was arm wrestling at the table and betting on hamburger eating! Steph’s Uncle Doug bet Hughie ten dollars that he couldnt eat his 1/2 pound bison burger in 7 bites! Well, Hughie is not one to back down from a challenge so he took that bet on! And I’m just saying that’s no small feat considering that his 1/2 pound burger was also adorned with pepper jack cheese, jalapeños, hot peppers, sauerkraut, mayo, ketchup, barbq sauce, lettuce, tomato and onions! Later, and I’m not sure how they could even do it – but, some of them ordered brownies and ice cream. I swear those brownies were the size of a small book! Hughie, though, took it easy and only ordered a milkshake to follow at burger!

Once we returned to the hotel, the students quickly settled into their rooms, writing journals, playing on their iPods and showering (did they ever need it!). Jim had given them strict orders to stay in their rooms and not wander the hallways. We were pretty surprised, then, to find Chasity and Courtney, wandering the halls a few minutes later! After a full military style dress down for not following orders (these are cadets, after all), we allowed them to explain their unworthy, unimportant, unreasonable, inexcusable reason for not following orders. To our dismay, one of them timidly said, “we were wondering if we could get some ice for Beth’s back – she’s covered in welts from Mr. Reid’s paintball gun!”. (sigh, short apology, ice bucket, towel, photo for later ammunition against Jim).

As I head to bed, I hear the noises of the day. The students squeals of pain as they took the paintball hits, the music that floated through the bus from iPod speakers, the spontaneous laughter of a good joke and the clip, clip, clip of Darci cutting her toenails in a bus seat not far from me.

Things overheard today.
“My mom says I have a high pain tolerance!”. (Beth)
“How do you spell thirst?” then “Is it an I or a U”. (Steph)
“Darci, thats gross! What are you doing?” (me)
“I’m cutting my toenails.” (Darci, looking at me like I’m the dolt!) “I’m doing it over the garbage bag.”
“Would you consider opening it?” (Me)

Trip Bylaw Appendix B

1. No Saskatchewan jokes allowed (ever! EVER!)
2. Practice matching burger names to corresponding burger joint. (Jarod can teach this!)
3. Set up a profitable betting system, with fool-proof odds calculations so I can fundraiser off any trip wagers.
4. Set up cameras at Paintball, this needs to be public record.

So, signing off for now. It’s 1:00 and the alarm is set for 5.

More tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Paintball and Prairies – double the excitement!

  1. In true chaperone form, I will try to keep this reply short and sweet.
    I would like to thank “Scaredy Squirrel” for her newest action plan for waking up teenagers! I look forward to reading the book…

    Mornings have been sweet! I can be barely pull my youngest out of bed to catch a bus but we seem to have no problem getting 35 on for two running days. Only two items in two days that were left behind shampoo and earphones! Learning curve, put nothing in the drawers!

    Paintball viewpoints certainly vary depending on where you were standing! There were heroes, villains, cowards and “bystanders”. Only those deep in the trenches would have been able to spot Mrs Hay, as she was crouched low in hiding. To be honest, it looked more like catching up on her sleep rather than protecting her flag! Again, I can’ t say for sure, Iam only going on what I saw.

    Trip bylaw app. 5-7
    >never wear your Roughrider jersey to paint ball, it doesn’t represent the school well.
    >students need to be better equipped at bribery!
    >adults to be chaperoned on paintball excursions (PP and JR)

    I wish there was a microphone to record all crazy silly things that would be so great to share if I could only remember!

  2. So how many of u are covered in bruises from paintball. I find it truly amazing how these 35 young adults are getting out of bed without any problem but when at home (in our house anyway) I always hear from a child who’s name I will not reveal always says just 5 more minutes mom. I must find out ur secret for getting kids out of bed, Looking forward to reading your next blog–goodnight to all and sleep tight.

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