Day 3 – Alberta-bound! Galaxyland beware!

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Happy Birthday, Collin! So happy you have travelled thousands of klometres to celebrate your birthday with us!

This morning we got off to a gun shot start. No! LITERALLY!

I was sleeping quite peacefully in fact all 3 of us were completely and totally out of it! I think we might have been in chaperone-heaven. A place with fluffy cloud-seat, highways paved with sound-absorbing pads and choirs of angels singing out praises of our sacrifices! (lovely thought, isn’t it?). All of a sudden, a scream erupted from one of the female chaperones, a blood-curdling, heart-stopping, spine-curving SCREAM!


Like rats startled by a light source, we quickly scurried into action. Leaping out of our beds, we rushed (more like wrestled) to be first to the washroom. Two arm wrestles and a rock, paper, scissors later, we established who could use the blow dryer first! It was pure and fantastic madness! Luckily, being the experienced moms that we are, it only took us 4 and a half minutes to make up for the hour of extra sleep! (commendable, I know!).

So, no names. No blame. No throwing any of the women to the wolves. We need to stick together! You won’t get it out of me this year!

Okay, for those of you who have been following this continuing saga that started on the first day, I do have more information about the Chasity-Waldo situation on Day 1. According to my well-placed spies, and some MP arm twisting, I have been able to find out that the amount of money exchanged between Mrs. Hay and Chasity was actually QUITE SIGNIFICANT!!! Nailing down the exact amount, however, has been a little difficult. Some reports say Chasity went out and bought a new iPod, others are saying, “land in Florida”.

I guess this whole paying off thing must be really a part of a bigger picture with Mrs. Hay. Today, when we pulled into Edmonton we went to Swiss Chalet for lunch. I haven’t been there for years so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Unfortunately they were a bit overwhelmed by the sudden presence of 20+ kids and their chaperones, and had a bit of trouble getting themselves organized.

Well, the opportuny arose and Mrs. Amell sprang into action! Grabbing a few pieces of paper from one of the waitresses, she started taking lunch orders like nobody’s business. I knew she was a multi- tasker but this was something else! Asking, “do you want fries with that” and “is that gravy on the fries or on the side?”, she had all the orders taken in……well, in about the amount of time it took ‘the other one’ to have a seat and order a pop!!!!

Obviously, as you can imagine this became a pretty tense situation. Mrs. Amell was doing this pretty big job, taking all the orders, working with the waitresses and organizing kids. It was a bit awkward, really and I didn’t know what to do. To help I thought it best to model a calm and poised manner so I just sat down immediately and also ordered pop. As well, I thought it would be best to distract Mrs. Hay so I told a funny story and we laughed hilariously over it, which worked out really well and I don’t think she even noticed Mrs. Amell doing all the work. I was pretty sure I had diffused the situation (personally, i think this might be a strength of mine!!). But as with all my PR work, my efforts were soon sucked down the drain! While we sat and laughed, the waitress arrived, and called out, “Grilled sandwich and Caesar salad.”. (pause, then a bit louder). “Grilled sandwich and Caesar salad.”. ( another long pause, clears her throat and then even louder.). “GRILLED SANDWICH AND CAESAR SALAD!”. Upon that final announcement, Mrs. Amell (NOT Mrs. Hay!) promptly stands up, takes the plate, thanks the lady and sets (slams?!?) the plate down in front of Mrs. Hay!

There was nothing I could do to help the situation, so I just followed suit!

After checking into the hotel, we were off to Galaxyland. To say that the students were excited would be a total understatement. They were like race horses at the opening gates of the Kentucky Derby! Anxious! Crazed! And Noisy (oh, the noise!!!!). When we got to the mall, they couldn’t barely walk to the Galaxyland. (and by couldn’t barely walk I mean that the biggest kid of them all took us in the wrong direction and we had to turn around)!

Galaxyland was so fun! The kids got into groups and found all the rides they could go on. Some took on the huge roller coasters while others were more about the arcade games! It didnt matter, there were smiles everywhere! A few things will likely have to be written in the GLC Trip Archives and lucky for you, I’m here to do just that.

After Galaxyland and supper, we were off to shop and apparently some of us were just off to walk! Rumor has it that Chasity and Courtney were following what they thought to be the North Star and ended up getting lost. Lucky for them, they ran into Lewis and Clarke incarnate (umm, yeah that’s Mrs. Hay and I) and we were able to save them from near demise!

As well, you might want to check out the twitter feed (google “twitter + mproom31” to see pictures of a certain chaperone who appeared to be lost for a good majority of the shopping time. Either that or he was trying to break the record for most escalators ridden in under an hour! We had some fun with that!

So, it’s 11:47 pm and I’m going to head to bed, once I get this done. I’m going to get some pics up (I promise!)

Things overheard on the bus today.
1. “Is that a buffalo? No, is that a cow? Is that the only one out there?” (Hughie, upon seeing 4 cows in afield)
2. “Look, there’s a guy in the field.” (Mrs. Amell upon seeing a grey-power-box in a field of grain)
3. Jim, I can’t survive this trip without you. (Me, in a temporary moment of panic.)
4. “If this bus is going to be half in Alberta and half in Saskatchewan, I wanna be in the front half.”. (James as we crossed over provincial border).
5. “oh my goodness, we can see our shadow!” (Bethany)
6. “It did incredible damage to my phsyche.” (Jim, after his chair broke at Swiss Chalet)
7. “Kelly, my table isn’t being serviced very well. They don’t have anything to drink.” (Nancy, at Swiss Chalet)

Trip Bylaw Appendix C

1. Female adults with a Bachelor of Education are the ONLY ones allowed (or apparently knowledgeable enough to) set the alarm for morning wake up times.
2. Jim does not lead the kids through West Edmonton Mall (unless we’ve clarified our entry point and have agreed on the needed direction)
3. Mandatory manpris for all male chaperones.

Good night all!


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  1. hey well look at me hahaha giving you a reply on a blog. Have a great day, talk to you soon. Just thought I would surprise you with this little talk. lol

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