Day 1 – Departure and Daredevils!

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Dear Parents,

745 – Well, we’re off! What an exciting morning (embarrassing, really, how excited some of the parents were! So awkward when they literally shove the kids out of the vehicle, throw the sleeping bag out the window, and drive off yelling, “YAHOO!!!”).

755 – First issue (and I think it might be a recurring one). How did I end up sitting near Hughie?

So, before we get started with these daily emails and blog posts, we should probably go over the rules. It’s not overly complicated and I won’t prolong you with the exact details. It mostly just goes like this…..

I write what I want!

See! Simple, basic and clear. So…..seeing as you signed all the waivers (including the “Even-though-my-child-will-likely-humiliate-me-and-Mrs-Parrish-will-blog-about-it”waiver), I guess we should get going!

And…..who to start with? Hmmmmm…..maybe……..Douglas! (big surprise). So, as we pulled out of the school parking lot, about 30 seconds into the trip, the bus nose just turning onto Dickenson, I hear Douglas pipe up behind me, “Ms. Parrish, can we watch a movie.”. HONESTLY! ARE YOU KIDDING! I was like, “can we leave this one behind?”

And then as we come to stop at Dickenson and Highway 125, I catch Josh’s eye and he says, “Ms. Parrish, I think I’m getting homesick…..”. WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING? (He was. Good thing for him, cuz’ he would have been joining Douglas on the curb!)

800 – I’m also fast at work getting the details about this Chasity-Waldo issue! Rumor has it that there might have been a monetary exchange so I’m definitely going to have to investigate (…..looking for a canary who will sing out the details……)

Throughout the day, I will record random comments that I hear!

“I don’t shave my toes, I pluck them.” (Hughie)
“Do you think I could fit into the luggage compartment?”. (Beth)
“What is hash tagging anyway? Why can’t we just say number sign?” (Mrs. Amell)
“I want a paintball field in my backyard.” (Aaron)
“Hey Mrs. Parrish, instead of going to Alberta on this trip, we should take the bus to Las Vegas, eh?” (Bethany)
“My sunglasses are just too big for my face.” and “It takes skill to trip over a flat surface, you know.”. (Stef)
“How much further?” and “How much longer?” and “When will we get there” and “What time is it?” and “How much further?” and “How much longer?” and (well, you get the picture!). (Collin)
“I have to take a tinkle.” (Beth)
“My dads farm is better than your dad’s-friend’s-farm.”. (me

1030 – Oh my goodness, I just totally pranked Mrs. Amell (duh! Never leave your phone unattended!)……… Which reminds me, I need to go and put a password onto my own phone! When she catches on, I will so be running for the hills!

1100 – Question for you parents….do I look like the kind of person who would be interested in a “Diesel Power” magazine? Is there some kind of big-exhausty-separate-fuel-as-the-rest-of-the-world” kind of vibe that I’m giving off? Seriously…..if there is, I would like someone to talk to me about it! Cuz, if not then what’s the explanation for the fact that Hughie has just read the ENTIRE MAGAZINE to me!!!!! Honestly, you’re going to think I’m exaggerating but if I was…….would I know what a OBDII was (diagnostic port under the dash), would I know that Pure Threat (’05 Dodge) can be customized to 1000 hp AANNNDDDD would I know that SBfilters offers an “intake scoop that offers awesome airflow and unsurpassed protection (for only $289!). Yeah, no exaggeration! So again I ask you, “do I look like the kind of person who would be interested in a “Diesel Power” magazine.”

445 – All I can say is, “WOW”! We just, just left Adrenalin Adventures and you would not believe how much your children LOVED this activity! It was more than awesome! Right from the first moment, as they caught sight of it out the bus window, they were enthralled! And after a quick lunch – out they went! And UP they went! Up and up and up! This three story (or more! Looked like 6 to me!) rose up out of the prairie to welcome our brave hearted. It also welcomed one of our not-so-brave hearted who I will fondly call Chicken Little on this one (due to his squeals and clucks as the ropes swayed below him!). Good thing I’ve got the photo proof of his antics (see sideshow).

Everyone loved this activity. The staff were awesome, helping the kids whenever necessary and providing an awesome and safe activity for our kids! I am highly recommending Adrenaline Adventures if you are traveling into Winnipeg and have some time to play!

637 – who WHO picked “My Sisters Keeper” for a first-day-movie? It’s the saddest movie ever……Pierre and I are both bawling!

7ish – hotel arrival, in like a herd of a buffalo.

800 – supper at Boston Pizza. Kids were treated like gold, Staff not so much! We had pre-booked a pizza party which meant that students were able to eat ALL THE PIZZA they wanted! Which was fine, EXCEPT when they brought a vegetarian pizza to one of the tables! Apparently the student response was a disdainful, “what is that thing?” She just smiled and went on her way. One brave soul (and kind-hearted!) ate one off the 12 pieces – the left remained untouched! Later Mrs. Amell and I decided that we should set an example and eat a piece of the vegetarian pizza. One bite, though, and that’s all the example we could muster up (it was awful! – no hidden pepperoni anywhere!). So….big thank you to Hannah for being our kind vegetarian!

We had our first lost kid as well. Bus was loaded, I did the count (1, 2,…34 – where is 35? Who is 35? Seriously……). In the next second Mr. Peloquin comes out of the store with JAMES! I turned an evil eye on James, only to hear Mr.Peloquin say, “I went back in to get him and he was stacking plates on the tables!”. Therefore James wins the Surprise-Us award!!!!

Movie, bed and hotel. All lights were out by 1 am!

Trip Bylaw Appendix A

1 – the students shall not throw up on the first day.
2 – if someone provides fresh cinnamon buns for the take-off, you DON’T pack them under the bus (honestly – who does that?)
3 – mandatory hand wiping (on disinfectant wipes) after every washroom visit
4 – no sad movies
5 – Teach students how to stack plates at the hotels, might save on tip costs


One thought on “Day 1 – Departure and Daredevils!

  1. The Other Side…
    Let me begin by stating that there are always two sides to a story,(one being the true one!)
    Early start, way ahead of schedule by showing up at 6:59 am, unlike Mr. Amell, a previous
    chaperone who barely showed up on time to make the trip.

    After leaving my bag in a “not so clearly” designated seat, I came on to find it moved. Clearly some ground rules needed to be established. I have to say that Douglas did pop out of nowhere by Harry’s Corner (not Dickenson, silly MP) and plead for a movie.

    By the way, I would like to clarify that there may have been a payoff by a certain chaperone who forgot there items on the curb, not mentioning any names Mrs. Hay! Lucky for her, Chasity was a good sport

    Our stop in Vermillion Bay went something like this, mr. Reid “ok, if you really have to go ,get off for the bathroom, no treats!”. The look of shock on his face when half the bus gets ready to disembark gave me reason to chuckle. This was similar to Boston Pizza when we were given a perogie pizza and Mr. Reid shockingly stated “ohhhhh, it tastes like a perogie,”. Really? That was a shocker.

    I heard there was a prank photo of me being sent to my distribution BBM group, but please note that I don’t think that this made it to distribution ! Apparently MP tech skills may be fading! Just say’in!

    I won’t waste your time correcting all the small and overlooked truths. I am sure that you are all critical readers and can read between the lines.

    I will leave you with this small and delightful story. We arrive at the theatre last night to watch Avengers 3D. Sitting in the dark, exhausted but anxious for the movie to begin, Mrs. Parrish ponders aloud that her she needs new glasses. I thinks this is a bit weird but let her work it through. She says it again. I pass her mine and say try these . She looks through mine, flips to hers, back to mine,…”yep, I need new ones”. Just as she gets up,she realizes that it was her sunglasses that she was using! Nope, glasses worked fine. She will say how exhausted she was, I say, don’t believe it! I won’t even mention the whole jumping out of her skin during the hulk scenes!

    Stay tuned for paint ball stories….they should be interesting.

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