Alberta Trip 2012 – Packing List

5 Underwear
5 Socks
5 Shirts or Tops
Pajamas and sweats
5 Shorts or Pants
Bathing suit
Warm sweater/jacket
Running shoes or good walking shoes
Extra pairs of shoes
Rain jacket/Spring Coat
1 “Nice” outfit, needed for Dinner Theater and Farewell Supper

Toothbrush and toothpaste
Personal care items – make-up, shampoo, conditioner etc…
Hair straightener etc…

$10.00 for laundry (in loonies and toonies) separate from day to day cash! Sunscreen
Camera with batteries/cords
Book or reading magazine(s)
Sleeping bag
Small pillow
Board game/Deck of Cards/Travel Games
Water bottle – very important, water is not supplied while travelling
Notebook and pen/pencil (JOURNAL)
Canvas day bag/backpack
Towel and goggles
2 Garbage Bags (1 to pack sleeping bag in when departing Jasper and 1 for Laundromat excursion)

Electronic Devices (see Item 4 above), chargers

Please note that the school dress code will be followed throughout the trip. Also please remember that pajama pants are usually reserved for travelling.

Phoning Instructions (if necessary)
Extension cord – one per room.


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