From Room 31 to Willy Wonka’s Factory

Today, the students were learning about candy! Well, not actually candy, but rather candy and packaging manufacturing! As a part of our 3-D Measurement unit, we examined the packaging processes that begin at the design and research team and end at them holding a box of candy! We looked at all the steps we could think of:
1. Candy Company Research
2. Design team
3. Factory including machines used for cutting and assembling pckgs, boxes for the final product etc
4. Transport by pallet, shipping container, cargo ship, semi and distribution centre
5. Sale to grocery and convenience stores (Costco vs Balmer Video)
6. Purchase by student
To finish up this look at packaging, students examined various 3-D shapes to decide if these shapes would be suitable as candy containers. This oral discussion was very well done and students demonstrated a full understanding of the complexities associated with candy packaging.
As a homework assignment, I’ve posed the following assignment.
Identify a 3-D shape that we’ve created from the nets. Explore it in terms of its faces, edges, and vertices. Tell why (or why not) this shape might be selected for a new candy. Use information from the 3-D shape and from the flow chart of candy packaging to support your opinion.


One thought on “From Room 31 to Willy Wonka’s Factory

  1. Lol! Love it! I wish I was there! But instead I am not eating for 30 hours and I am staying at school with other people because we are raising money for the children hospital. I miss you guys and I miss that I can’t go on the trip you guys get to go on but my class gets to go to a water park before the end of the year.

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