Introducing Rube Goldberg!

Today, in Science class, the students were introduced to the famous cartoonist (and semi-engineer!) Rube Goldberg. Through a combination of learning opportunities, the students quickly became very interested in this artist’s work. We started out the lesson by examining a Rube Goldberg contraption (how to sharpen a pencil). From that large group activity, students then began to examine Goldberg drawings to try to decipher the steps used to accomplish the task. Students worked in small groups (using oral language/discussion) to agree on the steps. I was really impressed by how quick some students worked to identify the steps involved in these complex-but-simple machines. Next, we took a look at a youtube video called Creme that Egg (how appropriate, considering we are post-Easter!). Finally, students went on their laptops to work on Rube Goldberg websites that challenge their problem solving and troubleshooting skills. For homework, students need to find more Rube Goldberg-inspired contraptions on youtube (or other video sites) and post them below!


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