Student Letters sent to USA, UK and Canada

A few weeks ago (might have been more than a month ago!), the students studied how an author tries to influence a reader. In a class brainstorm and discussion, we realized that authors deliberetely try to make you side with one character (usually the hero/heroine) and dislike another (usually the villain/bad guy). As well, the students were able to articulate that by writing in a certain way, an author can make you feel frustration, anxiety or happiness. We talked about the WHY and HOW in terms of author influence. It was a great set of discussions and I was really impressed by how the students were able to talk about their connections to books that they have read (or were currently reading). As a follow-up to this learning, the students wrote letters to the authors of a novel they had recently read. In these letters, students were required to directly address how the author had influenced them. Their work was great and I loved reading their thoughts. After some editing, letters were addressed (sooooo painful!, makes me want to make Kai write to his grandma more often!) and then mailed. They are addressed to New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and even London, England! So expensive to send those overseas ones! Some of the students owe me $1.80 🙂

I’m really hoping that the students get some replies!


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