Portfolio Night + Bingo = Chocolate Chip Muffins (what?)

Last night’s Portfolio Night took an unexpected turn when the Grade Sevens and their accompanying parents received a BINGO card upon entry. This BINGO game, though, did not involve the traditional “B-8” or “O-71” being called out across a crowded smoke-filled legion hall (this is my childhood memories of BINGO!). Instead, Portfolio Night BINGO included a tour through student blogs, a walk around the classroom and some key spots in GLC’s halls. Parents and students were encouraged to select a few key squares that they wanted to accomplish and then work together to accomplish these tasks.
As an added incentive, families that took part in the BINGO game (even if they didn’t complete it!) were able to enter their family into a draw for (drum roll…..) 1 DOZEN HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS! It appears that my baking expertise has actually drawn a huge crowd and I expect the draw to be a hotly contested issue when it actually occurs! đŸ™‚
At post-publishing time, I haven’t completed the draw yet, so I will have to let you know who the LUCKY FAMILY is. In the meantime, I’d like to send out a huge thanks to families that attended the 2012 Portfolio Night and as well, to those that have rescheduled. If you weren’t able to make it, please make plans to come in within the next week. We’ve got a lot of great work being showcased on our classroom walls and as well some neat writing along the halls of the upper hallway. See you soon!


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