Grade 7s attend TBSO

The Grade 7s joined other local Intermediate classes from the area, and the RLDHS students to watch the visiting Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra perform this morning.  Once settled at the RLDHS gym, they were soon enthralled by the sweet symphony sounds (and a very engaging conductor!).  Students commented that they “loved it”, “thought it was going to be dull, but was amazing”, and “really liked it a lot”.  I really enjoyed seeing them enjoy it. 

When you teach teenagers, sometimes they surprise you.  Today, they surprised me!  They loved the performance, which was great.  But more than that, they were able to articulate why it had appealed to them.  As the school day finished, I was reading these amazing blog posts that just showed me (yet again!) how great these kids are.  My suggestion….ditch my blog right now!  Go check out the student blogs!  Their thoughts of the performance are great!  You will be happy that you took a few moments to do that!


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