Plot Clothesline and the Orchestra (?)

These are two fairly unrelated items, but students and parents will want information on both so I’m going to do one post.

1. For the Plot Clotheslines, students need to plan for the following colors:
SET-UP 1 tag (green)
INCITING EVENT 1 tag (orange)
RISING ACTION 5 tags (yellow)
CLIMAX 1 tag (purple)
FALLING ACTION 2 tag (white)
RESOLUTION 1 tag (pink)

2. Tomorrow, Grade 7 and 8 students will attend a performance at RLDHS. They have been invited to watch the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra. In the past, students have enjoyed this morning excursion, often being amazed by the synchronized play and sound of these musicians. Please speak with your child about appropriate behaviour when attending a performance. If you would like more information about the TBSO, please see their website. As well, they are performing at 7:30 this evening for the general public.


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